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Alphabetic Staff Profiles

Beth Wachter - Staff

Administrative Specialist

beth@bme.wisc.edu, (608) 263-4660

Rex Wagner - Staff

HSX Operations Director/Instrumentation Engineer II

Karen Walker - Staff

Research Analyst I

John P. Wallace - Staff

Associate Instrumentation Inn Res

Jun Wang - Staff

Research Professor

Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics

Nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics and safety: nuclear power plant safety evaluation, accident tolerant fuels/cladding/coating, two-phase flow experiment and simulation, critical heat flux prediction, severe accident analysis, computational fluid dynamics, deep learning, data science for engineering, STEM education

Herbert Wang - Staff

Professor Emeritus

Geological Engineering, Geological Engineering

Fiber-optic sensing, Rock physics
hfwang@wisc.edu, 16086950584

Xiaodong Wang - Staff

Instrumentation Technologist

Andrew Waskow - Staff

Research Administrator

A-A-ron Webster - Staff

Payroll/Benefits Specialist

aaron.webster@wisc.edu, (608) 890-3851

Katherine Wegner - Staff

Financial Specialist Senior

wegner@engr.wisc.edu, (608) 263-8142

Lauren Weis - Staff

Administrative Assistant

lweiss8@wisc.edu, (608) 262-3840

Joan M. Weiss - Staff

Department Administrator

joan@bme.wisc.edu, (608) 262-5056

Cynthia D. Welchko - Staff

Program Assistant

cwelchko@ece.wisc.edu, (608) 265-5935

Larry Wheeler - Staff

Instrument Shop Supervisor

larry.wheeler@wisc.edu, (608) 261-1112

Linda White - Staff

Assistant to the Directory, Wisconsin Public Utility Institute

lswhite2@wisc.edu, (608) 890-1814

Eve Williams - Staff

Assistant Director

Undergraduate Learning Center, Academic Affairs, College of Engineering

tongdaeng@wisc.edu, (608) 890-2511

Gregory Winz - Staff

Instrtumentation Technologist

winz@engr.wisc.edu, (608) 263-3326

Barb Wipperfurth - Staff

Assistant Department Administrator

barb.wipperfurth@wisc.edu, (608) 262-8455

Margaret E. Wise - Staff

Professional Consultant

mewise@facstaff.wisc.edu, (608) 263-1736

Kedren Witkowski - Staff

Research Administrator

kedren.witkowski@wisc.edu, (608) 265-7904

Ernest F. Wittwer - Staff


wittwer@engr.wisc.edu, (608) 890-2310

Ellorah J Wood - Staff

Office Manager | Event Coordinator

ejwood2@wisc.edu, (608) 262-3840

Betsy Wood - Staff

Student Services Coordinator

betsy.wood@wisc.edu, (608) 262-3310

Pamela Woznick - Staff

Financial Specialist 4

pwoznick@engr.wisc.edu, (608) 262-3841

Matthew Wyndham - Staff

Research Administrator