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Alphabetic Faculty Profiles

Angela Pakes - Faculty

Professor of Practice

Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost Analysis, beneficial use of recycled materials, LEED green building design, building design and construction, project management, environmental remediation and brownfield redevelopment.

Sean P. Palecek - Faculty

Milton J. and A. Maude Shoemaker Professor

Chemical and Biological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

Cellular engineering, tissue engineering, stem cells, cell and protein biosensors
sppalecek@wisc.edu, (608) 262-8931

Wenxiao Pan - Faculty

Associate Professor

Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering

Machine Learning-enhanced Modeling and Simulation, Data-driven Model Order Reduction, Quantum Computing, Complex Fluids, Fluid-solid Interactions, Soft Matter, Solid Materials, Energy Storage, and Manufacturing.
wpan9@wisc.edu, (608) 263-4447

Dimitris Papailiopoulos - Faculty

Jay and Cynthia Ihlenfeld Associate Professor

Jae Park - Faculty


Biological wastewater treatment, biological nutrient removal, drinking water treatment plant design and optimization, the fate of contaminants in the environment, hazardous and industrial waste treatment, river restoration, waste reuse, and recycling, and water quality modeling.
jkpark@wisc.edu, (608) 262-7247

Gustavo Parra-Montesinos - Faculty


Behavior and design of reinforced concrete and composite steel-concrete structures, Fiber reinforced concrete, Earthquake engineering
gparra@engr.wisc.edu, (608) 890-4960

Shubhra S Pasayat - Faculty

Assistant Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

MOCVD growth of Group III-nitrides and Oxides, Optoelectronics: Micro-LEDs, LASERs, RF and Power Electronics: HEMTs and MOSFETs, Bio-Photonics, Lattice Engineering , Quantum Materials, Porous and flexible materials  
shubhra@ece.wisc.edu, (608) 262-3781

Ned Paschke - Faculty

Faculty Emeritus

Interdisciplinary Professional Programs, College of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems, Hydraulic Analysis and Design, Pumping Facilities and Lift Stations, Energy Use in Water and Wastewater Systems, Water Reuse and Recycling, Infrastructure Asset Management, Water and Wastewater System Costs and Contracts

Brian W. Patterson - Faculty

Assistant Professor

Industrial and Systems Engineering, Biostatistics and Medical Informatics

Antimicrobial Stewardship, Geriatric Emergency Medicine, Clinical Informatics
bpatter@medicine.wisc.edu, (608) 265-6043

Robert Pearce - Faculty

Department of Anesthesiology Chair

John Perepezko - Faculty


Phase transformations, Interface reactions / coating design, Metastable and amorphous phases, Kinetics, Nucleation, Metal powders and high temperature intermetallic alloys, Rapid solidification, Microgravity processing
perepezk@engr.wisc.edu, (608) 263-1678

Ken Petersen - Faculty

Adjunct Professor

David Peterson - Faculty

Program Director/Department Administrator

Director of Professional Development Programs, Railroad Engineering and Operations Program Director, Financial Administration and Marketing of Continuing Education Programs
dmpeter5@wisc.edu, (608) 262-2813

Alain Peyrot - Faculty

Professor Emeritus

Structural analysis and design.  Probabilistic methods and structural dynamics.  Computerized structural design.  All aspects of high voltage transmission line design, construction and reliability.

Sarah Pfatteicher - Faculty

Research Professor & Associate Dean

spfatt@cals.wisc.edu, (608) 262-3003

Frank Pfefferkorn - Faculty

and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies

Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Interdisciplinary Professional Programs, Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Laser remelting-based polishing and structuring of metal alloys, Friction stir welding and processing, Friction surfacing / additive friction stir, Temperature measurement and control in manufacturing, Instrumentation of cutting tools (e.g., measure tool-chip interface temperature), Additive-subtractive manufacturing of metal parts, Energy consumption ...
frank.pfefferkorn@wisc.edu, (608) 263-2668

Brian Pfleger - Faculty

Karen and William Monfre Professor and Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor

Metabolic Engineering, Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology, Natural Products, Protein Engineering, Cyanobacteria, Sustainability
brian.pfleger@wisc.edu, (608) 890-1940

John M. Pfotenhauer - Faculty

Professor Emeritus

Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics

Low temperature refrigeration, cryogenics, applied superconductivity
pfot@engr.wisc.edu, (608) 263-4082

James Pikul - Faculty

Leon and Elizabeth Janssen Associate Professor

Jose A. Pincheira - Faculty

Associate Professor

Professor Pincheira's primary research interests lie in the behavior of reinforced concrete buildings subjected to earthquakes.  His research  experience includes field and laboratory testing, as well as numerical modeling of the nonlinear behavior of structural systems. Example research projects include: field studies of the vibration charac...
jpin@engr.wisc.edu, (608) 262-7239

Yuan Ping - Faculty

Associate Professor

Materials Science and Engineering, Physics

We develop first-principles methods for excited states, spin dynamics, electronic transport in solid-state systems, quantum defects, and heterogenous interfaces for spintronics and quantum information science applications. Specifically:Electronic excitation and exciton recombination from many-body perturbation theory, Density matrix dynamics for open q...

James Pipe - Faculty

Visiting Professor

Radiology, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology and Use Design, Design of MRI pulse sequences and algorithms for image reconstruction, Rapid Imaging, combining SNR and temporal efficiency with robustness and consistency, High Value Imaging, promoting efficiency, access, and useability, Design approaches for operational clarity and user experience for the patient...

Michael Plesha - Faculty

Professor Emeritus

Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, Geological Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Finite element analysis, discrete element analysis, dynamics of geologic media, constitutive modeling of geologic discontinuity behavior, soil structure interaction modeling, continuum modeling of jointed saturated rock masses
plesha@engr.wisc.edu, (608) 262-5741

Cynthia Poe - Faculty

Associate Faculty Associate

Technical communication, Civic and political communication, Environmental history, Legal history
crpoe@wisc.edu, (608) 265-8606

Brian Pogue - Faculty


Optics in medicine, biomedical imaging to guide cancer therapy; molecular guided surgery; dose imaging in radiation therapy; Cherenkov light imaging; image guided spectroscopy of cancer; photodynamic therapy; modeling of tumor pathophysiology and contrastbpogue@wisc.edu, (608) 263-8037

Kevin Ponto - Faculty

Assistant Professor

Virtual Reality, Human-Computer Interaction, Data Visualization, Computer Graphics and Vision, Media Art and Technology, Visual Analytics
kevin.ponto@wisc.edu, (608) 265-3958

Samuel Poore - Faculty

MD, Associate Professor

Microvascular and implant-based breast reconstruction, Reconstruction of the hand and extremities, Corrective surgery for acquired lymphedema, Research at the UW
poore@surgery.wisc.edu, (608) 262-7906

Warren P. Porter - Faculty


Infectious disease, Toxicology, Population dynamics, Physiological ecology, Biophysical ecology
wpporter@wisc.edu, (608) 262-1719

Kenneth Potter - Faculty

Professor Emeritus

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Geological Engineering, Freshwater and Marine Sciences

Hydrological modeling and design, stormwater modeling, management and design, estimation of hydrologic risk, estimation of hydrological budgets, restoration of aquatic systems
kwpotter@facstaff.wisc.edu, (608) 262-0040

Dana Powers - Faculty

Honorary Senior Scientist

Pavana Prabhakar - Faculty

Charles G. Salmon Associate Professor

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, Materials Science and Engineering

Damage and failure mechanics of architected composite materials; Advanced manufacturing of composite materials - additive manufacturing and composite fabrication; Design of durable and damage tolerant composites; Life prediction of materials in multi-physics environments.

Vivek Prabhakaran - Faculty

MD, Professor

Aging Biomarkers, Multimodal Neuroimaging, Stroke Research, Neuromodulation, Research at the UW
vprabhakaran@uwhealth.org, (608) 265-5269

John Puccinelli - Faculty

Associate Chair of the Undergraduate Program and Associate Teaching Professor

Assessment, advising, curriculum, instruction, mentorship, inclusion and educational innovation - developing hands on approaches to teaching especially related to biomaterials, tissue/cellular engineering, biomems/microfluidics and design.
john.puccinelli@wisc.edu, (608) 890-3573

Stephen Pudloski - Faculty

Faculty Emeritus

Stormwater management and engineering, traffic and parking engineering, municipal engineering, public works management
pudloski@engr.wisc.edu, (608) 262-8707

Carla Pugh - Faculty


pugh@surgery.wisc.edu, (608) 265-9574

Nimish Pujara - Faculty

Assistant Professor

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Freshwater and Marine Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics

Environmental Fluid Mechanics | Nearshore Hydrodynamics | Turbulent and Multiphase Flows | Flow-Biota interactions | Water Wave Mechanics | Coastal Processes | Experimental Methods.
npujara@wisc.edu, (608) 262-8735

Michael S. Pulia - Faculty

Assistant Professor

Industrial and Systems Engineering, BerbeeWalsh Department of Emergency Medicine, UW SMPH

Antimicrobial Stewardship, Diagnostic Error, Infectious Diseases, Geriatric Emergency Medicine
mspulia@medicine.wisc.edu, (608) 890-5292