Michael G. Oliva





  • BS, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • MS, University of California, Berkeley
  • PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests

  • timber bridges
  • earthquake resistance
  • compressive membrane action
  • arching action
  • structural engr.
  • reinforced-precast-prestressed concrete design
  • structural testing
  • highway bridge design
  • development of structural design methods

Awards, Honors and Societies

  • PCI Journal - George Nasser Award, 2013, Best Research for Industry, Crack Control for Prestressed Bridge Girders
  • Best Technical Paper, ACMA, Tampa FL, 2009 with A. Tibbetts and L. Bank
  • Precast Concrete Institute (PCI) Distinguished Educator Award 2007
  • American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Engineering Excellence Award, 2007, Reinforcement Free Bridge Deck
  • PCI Fellow 2006
  • PCI Journal - Harry H Edwards Industry Advancement Award (with Alfred Benesch & Co.) 2006, for Innovative P/T Bridge Deck on I-39/90
  • PCI-Best Research Paper (Martin C. Korn Award) in PCI Journal, 2006
  • Post Tensioning Institute, Award of Merit for Innovative P/T Bridge Work, 2006 (with Alfred Benesch & Co)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) J. of Composites in Construction: Best Applied Research Paper, 2006 (with L. Bank)
  • American Composite Materials Association (ACMA) Best Construction technology paper Award, 2006 (with L. Bank)
  • ACEC Engineering Excellence Award, Precast P/T Highway Bridge Deck, 2006 (with Alfred Benesch & Co)
  • Grand Award Winner ACEC: FRP Cage Reinforced Bridge Deck, American Council of Engineering Companies - Wisconsin 2005 Engineering Excellence Awards with Alfred Benesch and Co.
  • Popular Science Best of Whats New 2005 Selection,Fiber reinforced polymer bridge systemSelected as one of five top engineering innovations for 2005
  • NOVA Awards 2006semi-finalist for development of a prefabricated modular FRP reinforcing and forming system for highway bridge decks
  • Civil Engineering Research Foundation Pankow Award:2006 semi-finalist (FRP 3-D grid reinforced bridge),2004 quarter-finalist HyDeck bridge deck reinforcing system
  • PCI - Best Research Paper (Martin C. Korn Award) in PCI Journal, 1990
  • Society Membership:  Precast Concrete Institute, American Concrete Institute, Sigma Xi Research Society


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  • A.C. Berg, L.C. Bank, M.G. Oliva, J.S. Russell, \"Construction and Cost Analysis of an FRP Reinforced Concrete Bridge Deck,\" Construction and Building Materials, 20(2006), Elsevier, March 2006, pp515-526
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  • H. Bae, M. Oliva, L. Bank, \"Obtaining Optimal Performance with Reinforcement-Free Concrete Highway Bridge Decks,\"   Engineering Structures,




Fall 2016-2017

  • CIVENGR 890 - Pre-Dissertator\'s Research
  • CIVENGR 990 - Thesis
  • CIVENGR 999 - Advanced Independent Study
  • CIVENGR 699 - Independent Study
  • CIVENGR 790 - Master\'s Research or Thesis
  • CIVENGR 890 - Pre-Dissertator\'s Research
  • CIVENGR 990 - Thesis
  • CIVENGR 999 - Advanced Independent Study
  • Profile Summary

    Primary areas of interest:  All precast bridge systems; Precast bridge substructures; Anchorage region cracking in prestressed bridge girders; FRP connections between precast components; Overload vehicle (500k) effects on bridges; Precast approach slabs for highway bridges; Precast bridge superstructure elements; Corrosion protection for prestressing materials; Engineered cementitious composites in bridges.

    Ongoing research: Current research work involves experimental testing of structures and proving/developing analytical techniques for simulating structural behavior or designing structural elements. Past work has focussed on earthquake resistance of precast concrete systems, especially precast shear walls and diaphragm performance and rigidity as influenced by connections. Current work is aimed at developing improved methods for highway bridge design and rapid construction to improve work zone safety and reduce impact on the travelling public. This includes use of innovative FRP reinforcing and forming systems, precasting bridge deck elements, building bridge decks without reinforcing, developing standard precast bridge substructure systems and building totally precast bridge structures. 

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