Kamran Forghani

Dr.-Ing. (PhD)


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Room: 4701
Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

forghani AT wisc DOT edu

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Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the research groups of Prof. T. Kuech (CBE) and Prof. L. Mawst (ECE)


Research Intersets:

Solid State Materials Synthesis and Characterization --> (Opto)Electronic/Photonic Materials and Devices -- Photovoltaics -- Nano-Structures and Low Dimensional Materials Formation -- 2D Layered Semiconductor Materials (Beyond Graphene)  -- Real Time In Situ Studies of Nano-Structures Formation


About my work:

Fabricating almost all electronic and optical devices – e.g., transistors, solar cells, light emitting diodes (LEDs), laser diodes, sensors and detectors – requires an essential step: Electronic Materials Synthesis. My work centers on developing new solid-state materials, the novel processes required to generate them, and techniques of atomic level characterization. That involves expanding the currently limited pallet of (opto-)electronic materials, researching on emerging low dimensional photonic/electronic materials, and exploring their potentials for device applications.



PhD in Electrical Engineering, University of Ulm, GERMANY 2012

MS in Advanced Materials, University of Ulm, GERMANY 2008

BS in Applied Phyiscs 2006

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