Daniel Dettmers

Associate Researcher


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Room: 3184
Mechanical Engineering
1513 University Ave.
Madison, Wisco 53706

Ph: (608) 262-8221
Fax: (608) 262-6209

Primary Affiliation:
HVAC and R Center

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Daniel Dettmers is an Associate Researcher for the Industrial Refrigeration Consortium and the HVAC&RCenter at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where his interests and expertise cover a vast array of topics in the fields of space conditioning and refrigeration.  His primary responsibilities include technical support, applied research and training in the areas of energy efficiency, indoor air quality, refrigerant selection, industrial refrigeration safety and energy codes. 


When not teaching, Dan’s other activities include energy audits of commercial and industrial buildings, energy modeling, refrigerant management planning, mechanical integrity of ammonia refrigeration and refrigerated warehouse construction/operation.


Dan is also an active member in both IIAR and ASHRAE.  He has chaired and served on several Technical committee and Standing committees at ASHRAE such as the Professional Development Committee, Handbook, Technical Program, CTTC and the refrigerated facilities technical committee.


In his spare time, Dan splits his time between curling and growing hops.  In both endeavors he uses his professional experience to improve the sport/industry for others in the state and beyond.


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