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Philip R. O'Leary

Also: Biological Systems Engineering

Solid waste management: landfilling, composting, recycling, groundwater quality, (608) 262-0493

Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center



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Joy E Altwies
Associate Faculty Associate/Program Director

Green and High-Performance Buildings, Sustainable Construction, Building Commissioning, Commissioning Process, HVAC & R Systems, Technology Innovation and Adoption, (608) 262-7502

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Sandra Anderson
Asst Faculty Associate

Combustion, Propulsion, Thermodynamic Systesms, (608) 890-2026

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Michael Andrie
Associate Researcher

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James P. Blanchard
Duane H. and Dorothy M. Bluemke Professor and Chair

Also: Engineering Physics

Thermomechanical design for high heat fluxes, fusion technology, radiation damage, nuclear microbatteries, (608) 263-0391

Engineering Mechanics, Fusion Technology Institute, Nuclear Engineering, Engineering Physics, UW Eye Research Institute, Wisconsin Institute of Nuclear Systems (WINS)

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Elaine M. Bower
Faculty Associate/Program Director

Trace chemical detection for forensic applications, unique biosensors for non-traditional applications, chemical engineering unit operations including mixing, drying, separations, biotechnology, strategic R&D planning, (608) 262-8708

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Mitch Bradt
Assistant Faculty Associate/Program Director, (608) 263-1085

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John G. Davis
Assistant Faculty Associate, (608) 262-8724

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Lee DeBaillie
Program Director

Energy efficiency in buildingsBuilding energy modelingBuilding energy learning toolsClimate impact on energy consumptionDistrict and community energy systemsCogeneration, (608) 262-2329

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Neil A. Duffie

Also: Mechanical Engineering

Robotics, computer control, manufacturing systems, manufacturing logistics, computer-integrated manufacturing, (608) 262-9457

Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program, Master of Engineering in Engine Systems

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Patrick Eagan, PhD

Also: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Professor Eagan's research interests lie in exploring frameworks that can move public and private institutions toward "sustainable development." A primary interest is how both public and private institutions will deal with climate change effects and environmental management issues. His focus includes environmental risk management and linking business and ..., (608) 263-7429

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Elise M. Gold
Faculty Associate, (608) 265-5909

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Joni Graves
Program Director

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Laura R. Grossenbacher
Associate Faculty Associate

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Marty Gustafson
Program Director, Sustainable Systems Engineering, (608) 262-8819

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Kevin L. Hoag
Associate Faculty Associate, (210) 259-3956

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George R. Johnson
Associate Faculty Associate

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Benjamin Jordan
Associate Faculty Associate/Program Director

Street Lighting, Roadway Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, and Outdoor Lighting Courses and Training, Planning, Zoning and Land-Use Management Courses and Training, Asphalt Pavement Maintenance , Asphalt Pavement Repair and Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation Courses and Training, Concrete Pavement Maintenance, Concrete Pavement Repair, and Concrete Pavement Re..., (608) 265-4478

Transportation Information Center

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Willis F. Long
Professor Emeritus

Electric power systems, utility system applications of power electronic devices and circuits, power quality issues, computer analysis of power systems, (608) 262-1199

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Terry Mann
Senior Lecturer

Profile Photo Thumb for Christina Matta

Christina Matta
Assistant Faculty Associate, Technical Communication Program, (608) 262-8218

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Thomas D. McGlamery
Associate Faculty Associate, (608) 265-4735

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Traci M. Nathans-kelly
Associate Faculty Associate

Engineering communication; technical communication; engineering presentations; technical presentations; engineering education; online education; professional eduation.,

College of Engineering, Master of Engineering in Energy Systems, Master of Engineering in Engineering Management, Technical Communication Certificate Program

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Christine Nicometo
Associate Faculty Associate in Technical Communications

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Jeffrey L. Oelke
Assistant Faculty Associate/Program Director

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Business and Production Operations Process Predictability, Continuum Management, Quick Response Manufacturing, Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Performance Measures, Concept to Cash Cycle Time Reduction, (608) 890-1189

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Ned W. Paschke
Program Director, Professor of Engineering Practice

Also: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems, Hydraulic Analysis and Design, Pumping Facilities and Lift Stations, Energy Use in Water and Wastewater Systems, Water Reuse and Recycling, Infrastructure Asset Management, Water and Wastewater System Costs and Contracts, (608) 263-4705

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Paul S. Peercy
Professor Emeritus

Also: Materials Science and Engineering, Materials Science Program

Phase transitions in solids, ferroelectricity, Raman and Brillouin scattering studies of solids, ion-solid interactions, laser-induced phase transformations, microelectronics and photonics, solid-state devices, (608) 262-3482

Materials Science Center

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David M. Peterson
Assistant Faculty Associate/Program Director

Railroad Engineering and Operations, Preparing to Pass the Civil P.E. Exam, Financial Administration of Continuing Education Programs, Marketing and Budgeting for Co, (608) 262-2813

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Wayne Pferdehirt
Faculty Associate/Program Director

Also: College of Engineering

Project management, distance education, engineering leadership, engineering management, pollution prevention, solid waste management, recycling, technical assistance to manufacturing, environment management systems, ISO 14000, (608) 265-2361

Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center

Profile Photo Thumb for Cynthia Poe

Cynthia Poe
Assistant Faculty Associate

Technical communication, Civic and political communication, Environmental history, Legal history, (608) 265-8606

Technical Communication Certificate Program

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Stephen T. Pudloski
Faculty Associate/Program Director

Stormwater management and engineering, traffic and parking engineering, municipal engineering, public works management, (608) 262-8707

Transportation Information Center

Profile Photo Thumb for John Raksany

John A. Raksany
Faculty Associate/Program Director

Electrical power, electrical design, power systems planning, power systems reliability analysis methods, power systems maintenance, power system protection and control, (608) 262-8592

Profile Photo Thumb for Franklin Rath

Franklin J. Rath
Associate Faculty Associate/Program Director

Manufacturing and industrial engineering, ergonomics, lead-time reduction, quality systems, design through manufacture, failure mode and effects analysis, quality function deployment, (608) 263-5989

Profile Photo Thumb for Douglas Reindl

Douglas T. Reindl

Also: Mechanical Engineering

Industrial refrigeration systems and technologies, safety and process safety management, refrigeration system modeling, advanced thermal storage technologies, energy, HVAC systems, (608) 262-6381

Industrial Refrigeration Consortium, HVAC and R Center, Thermal Storage Applications Research Center

Profile Photo Thumb for Rolf Reitz

Rolf Reitz
Wisconsin Distinguished Professor

Also: Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Combustion, gas dynamics, sprays-motion & formation, hydrocarbon kinetics, engine fluid dynamics, computer modeling, (608) 262-0145

Profile Photo Thumb for Howard Rosen

Howard Rosen
Faculty Associate/Program Director

Public works infrastructure, municipal engineering, stormwater hyraulics, docks and marinas, building code, transportation research and history, (608) 262-4341

National Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education

Profile Photo Thumb for Bulent Sarlioglu

Bulent Sarlioglu
Assistant Professor

Also: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electric machines, drives, power electronics, Electric actuation systems, Automotive, aerospace, naval and renewable energy applications, Complex and interdisciplinary power system architecture, (608) 262-2703

Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium

Profile Photo Thumb for Donald Schramm

Donald R. Schramm
Faculty Associate/Program Director

Architectural lighting/daylighting, building energy systems, creativity, distance learning, disaster/refugee emergency management, international engineering, professional practice, team building, (608) 263-7757

Disaster Management Center, Master of Engineering in Engineering Management

Profile Photo Thumb for Bart Skarzynski

Bart Skarzynski
Lecturer, (608) 262-0214

Profile Photo Thumb for Thomas Smith

Thomas W. Smith
Faculty Associate/Program Director

Management Systems applied to asset management and sustainability, Organizational strategy for asset management and sustainability, Competency Modelling, Distance Learning, (608) 263-7426

Profile Photo Thumb for James Tinjum

James Tinjum
Associate Professor

Also: Geological Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Subgrade/subbase improvement and design, wind energy civil and geotechnical design, geothermal heating and cooling, unsaturated soil testing and research, rail ballast testing and research, stabilization and remediation of metal-contaminated material, beneficial reuse of industrial byproduct, (608) 262-0785

Profile Photo Thumb for Carl Vieth

Carl Steven Vieth
Associate Faculty Associate

Educational Policy Studies, Public Health Education, Engineering Education, (608) 263-7424

Profile Photo Thumb for Steven Zwickel

Steven Bernard Zwickel
Faculty Associate, (608) 262-5172


Emeritus Faculty

Profile Photo Thumb for Thomas Blewett

Thomas J. Blewett

Industrial and small business pollution prevention, solid waste planning and management, organics management and composting, rural fuel storage systems, environmental compliance regulations, (608) 262-0936

Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center

Profile Photo Thumb for Charles Dorgan

Charles E. Dorgan
Professor Emeritus

Also: Mechanical Engineering

Energy management, manufacturing processes, laboratory design, heating and air conditioning, thermal storage energy, cogeneration, indoor air quality, productivity, refrigeration, building design, (608) 262-0692

Energy Technology Center

Profile Photo Thumb for Raymond Matulionis

Raymond C. Matulionis
Professor Emeritus

Architecture, architectural engineering, environmental design, urban development, (608) 263-3372

Profile Photo Thumb for Paul Ross

Paul L. Ross
Faculty Associate



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