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Support Staff

Profile Photo Thumb for Laurie Hammer

Laurie L. Hammer

HR/Payroll and Benefits Specialist, (608) 890-3608

Profile Photo Thumb for Bill Koepcke

Bill Koepcke

Accountant, (608) 262-3036

Profile Photo Thumb for Jay Krafft

Jay Krafft

University Grants & Contracts Specialist, (608) 265-3464

Profile Photo Thumb for Matthew Wornson

Matt R. Wornson

Communications Specialist-Senior, (608) 263-4660


Student Services Staff

Profile Photo Thumb for Deidre Vincevineus

Deidre Vincevineus

Student Status Examiner Senior/Graduate Coordinator


Faculty Associates and Lecturers

Profile Photo Thumb for Amit Nimunkar

Amit Nimunkar

Associate Faculty Associate, (608) 890-1008

Profile Photo Thumb for John Puccinelli

John Puccinelli

Associate Chair of the Undergraduate Program

Developing hands-on approaches to teaching especially related to biomaterials, tissue/cellular engineering, biomems/microfluidics, and design., (608) 890-3573

Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

Profile Photo Thumb for Joseph Towles

Joseph Towles

Associate Faculty Associate

Assessment and evaluation of student learning, Innovation and research in approaches to enhance student learning, (608) 263-1622

Profile Photo Thumb for Mitchell Tyler

Mitchell E. Tyler

Senior Lecturer

Neural Engineering, Neural Rehabilitation, Noninvasive Neuromodulation (NINM), Electrocutaneous Stimulation, Biomechanics, Biomaterials, Non-invasive imaging, Human Subjects Research, (608) 262-5112

Profile Photo Thumb for Thomas Yen

Thomas Yen

Technical Director; Instrumentation Innovator-Instructor

Also: College of Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Thomas Yen's areas of interest include Ergonomics; Human Factors Engineering; Biomedical Engineering; Occupational Biomechanics; Rehabilitation Engineering; Surgical/Telerobotic control interfaces, Product/User Interface Design, Medical Instrumentation/Devices, Healthcare Information Technology, Medical Design and Manufacturing, and Laboratory Automation...., (608) 263-6803



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