Michael Litzkow

UW-Madison Moodle Service Coordinator


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Room: 194
Computer Aided Engineering
1410 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Ph: (608) 446-0246

Primary Affiliation:
Computer-aided Engineering

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Currently I am the service coordinator for the UW-Madison Moodle Service.  UW-Madison Moodle is a service available to the entire Madison campus and is supported by central funding from the CIO's office along with additional support by the College of Engineering.


Prior to my current position, I have been a software developer working on research and teaching and learning related software for more than 25 years.  Major projects I've worked on include:

  • Condor
  • Wisconsin Wind Tunnel
  • eTEACH
  • Engage Simulations and games projects
    • CoolIt (game)
    • Commodities Resource Management (game)

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