B Skarzynski

Assistant Faculty Associate


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Room: 2107H
Mechanical Engineering

Ph: (608) 262-5171

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After a brief stint in the world of finance in New York City, I came to realize that my life interests lie in writing, literature, and academia. Since I'd studied mathematics and economics in college, and since English isn't my mother tongue (I was born in Poland and grew up in Montreal, Canada), my discovery required my going back to school to hone my language skills. Having earned two Master's degrees in creative writing, I was then hired as a lecturer in the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University. Five years of teaching composition and technical writing to Buckeyes--five years during which I learned as much as my students--have prepared me well for the position of lecturer in UW-Madison's Engineering Professional Development and for being a Badger. Further, my regular interaction with engineers has sparked my interest in the history of science and technology and in professional ethics, topics that you can hear me discuss in my EPD 155 and 397 classes. When I'm not teaching those classes or grading the papers that they require, I can be found holed up in some corner, writing the Great Polish/Canadian/American novel.

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