David Smith

Senior Scientist


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Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Princeton, NJ 

Ph: (609) 243-3514

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David R. Smith is a plasma physicist and fusion scientist in the plasma turbulence and spectroscopy group.  David's research activities cover plasma turbulence, spectroscopy, and machine learning analysis at NSTX-U, DIII-D, and W7-X. David is based at PPPL in Princeton, NJ.

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All-optical quantum techniques for fusion research (abstract)
DOE Award DE-SC0024471, J. Choy (PI), D. Smith, B. Geiger

Machine learning for real-time fusion plasma behavior, prediction, and manipulation (abstract)
DOE Award DE-SC0021157, D. Smith (PI), B. Geiger, G. McKee

Implementation and operation of beam emission spectroscopy at W7-X for 2D multi-field turbulence measurements (abstract)
DOE Award DE-SC0019009, D. Smith (PI), G. McKee

Measurement of long-wavelength fluctuations in high-beta Spherical Tokamak plasmas (abstract)
DOE Award DE-SC0001288, G. McKee (PI), D. Smith


B.A., Physics and Integrated Science Program, Northwestern University

Ph.D., Plasma Physics, Princeton University

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