Tim Bohm

Senior Scientist


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Room: 427
Engineering Research Building
1500 Engineering Dr.
Madison, WI 53706

Ph: (608) 262-9312

Primary Affiliation:
Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics

Additional Affiliations:
Medical Physics

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My research involves Monte Carlo radiation transport analysis of a variety of fusion reactors including ITER and JET as well as some conceptual power plant designs with breeding blankets such as FNSF.  I use the MCNP and DAG-MCNP Monte Carlo transport codes as well as some CAD software, mesh generation tools, and data visualization software such as Paraview and VisIt.  I also participate in benchmarking nuclear data for neutron and photon radiation transport as part of the IAEA FENDL project and the U.S. CSEWG.  In the past, I worked in Medical Physics modeling a variety of radiotherapy related systems including brachytherapy seeds, calibration chambers and detectors, diagnostic x-ray machines, phantoms, and radiotherapy treatment machines.

I teach the neutronics/MCNP portion of the NE412 Senior Design class.  In this class, students design a variety of nuclear systems such as small modular reactor power plants, molten salt fueled and molten salt cooled power plants, gas cooled reactor power plants, Pb and Na cooled fast reactors, space based reactor power plants, medical isotope production sytems, fusion power plants, and radiotherapy treatment suites.

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