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Room: ERB 703
Engineering Research Building
1500 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

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Patrick Shriwise develops and performs research with OpenMC, an open-source continuous energy Monte Carlo particle transport code. His work on OpenMC involves visualization enhancement, exploration of advanced particle tracking techniques, and representation of arbitrarily complex 3D geometry for multiphysics applications. In particular, he engages In multiphysics research with the Cardinal multiphysics project.

Patrick is also an active developer of the Direct Accelerated Monte Carlo (DAGMC) toolkit, a library for representing CAD-based geometry in Monte Carlo applications, which is now being extended to method of characteristics (MOC) radiation transport solvers as well. His work in DAGMC involves optimizing the underlying ray tracing acceleration data structures that are critical for ensuring robust particle transport for nuclear systems in which high geometric fidelity is essential such as fusion energy systems and high energy physics devices.

In addition to production ray tracing, he is also a developer of the general purpose raytracing toolkit (GPRT), a vendor-agnostic ray tracing API that leverages specialized GPU ray tracing hardware (i.e. RT cores). Part of this work involves adaptation of hardware and ray tracing pipelines for use in scientific simulations whose performance is heavily impacted by spatial queries.


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