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Our work involves the use of continuum mechanics and applied mathematics to model the mechanical behavior of modern materials, both on the microscale and macroscale.

One area concerns the analysis of stress and deformation fields associated with stationary and growing cracks in ductile materials (both poly- and single-crystalline). We also treat the related problem of interfacial cracking.

Another investigation focuses on the fundamental mechanics modeling of dynamic fragmentation of materials loaded at high rates.

Another topic involves the rigorous micromechanics-based development of macroscopic constitutive equations for composite materials: this permits quantitative assessment of existing ad hoc models, and facilitates development of a macroscopic fracture mechanics framework for composites.

We also analyze whether and under what conditions shock waves can exist during large deformations of many material types; for example, studies have shown that shocks may accompany rapidly growing cracks in ductile single crystals.

New thrusts include the development of analytical models for the fracture mechanics of nanoscale structures, and for the response of nanoscale shape-memory alloys.

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