Daniel Rhodes

Assistant Professor


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Room: 731
Engineering Research Building
1500 Engineering Dr.
Madison, WI 53706


Primary Affiliation:
Materials Science and Engineering

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My research focuses on the processing and synthesis of novel 2D and bulk materials for interesting correlated, superconducting, and multiferroic phenomena. Our materials interests involve handling a variety of elements that span the periodic table. For 2D materials, we focus on those outside of the typical hexagonal crystal symmetry and attempt to understand how these changes in symmetry enable electrical transport phenomena, as well as the coexistence of phenomena that would typically be forbidden in the bulk. Our group also focusing on exploring the gambit of growth parameters in a subclass of 2D materials known as transition metal dichalcogenides via scanning probe microscopy methods. By systematically studying these parameters we can determine processes for nucleation and growth, and defect formation. 

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