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Room: 213
Materials Science and Engineering Bldg
1509 University Ave
Madison, WI 53706

Ph: (608) 262-5211

Primary Affiliation:
Materials Science and Engineering

Additional Affiliations:
College of Engineering

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We study mechanical behavior and phase transformation of metallic materials to design advanced alloys with high performance, durability, and robustness. The main research themes are:

  • Development of alloy composition and processing routes to optimize structures at different length scales, from short-range order to multi-phase dispersion: Thermodynamic calculation-aided composition and process design, induction-/arc- melting, rolling, and annealing processes are generally used to fabricate alloys.
  • Mechanistic understanding of microstructure and damage evolutions through a variety of characterization experiments: In particular, in-situ scanning electron microscopy and synchrotron techniques are used to study the dynamic behavior of alloys.

Alloys of interest encompass a wide range of systems: transition metal-based complex concentrated alloys, steels, refractory-, copper-, and aluminum- alloys, for example.

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