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Room: 4113
Rennebohm Hall
777 Highland Ave
Madison, WI 53705

Ph: (608) 262-3814

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The ultimate goal of our laboratory is to leverage delivery approach to address current clinical challenges and facilitate translational research by combining cell therapy, immunotherapy and personalized therapy. Specifically, by adapting the concept of “CIPT”, we are getting inspiration from natural cells to design our delivery tools and particularly interested in engineering cells and cell derivatives as vehicles for delivery of small/macro molecules, proteins, and antibodies to treat a broad array of diseases, including cancer, infectious disease and auto immune disease. We are also leveraging the interaction between synthetic materials and immune cells to modulate immune response in a controllable fashion. To advance the personalized therapy, neoantigen-based vaccination and microbiota research will be emphasized in our lab to transform traditional “one-size-fit-all” treatment to precision medicine for each individual.

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