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Room: 2242
Mechanical Engineering
1513 University Ave
Madison, WI 53706

Ph: (608) 263-4447

Primary Affiliation:
Mechanical Engineering

Additional Affiliations:
College of Engineering,

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Prof. Pan received her training in both mechanical engineering (BS, MS) and applied mathematics (PhD). This training background grants her a unique position to interface engineering, applied mathematics, and scientific computing. Computer simulations and machine learning can enhance our fundamental understanding and make predictions before experimental realization. Motivated by the grand challenges in modeling and simulating complex fluids, soft matter, and solid materials as well as their broad applications in materials design, manufacturing, energy storage, etc., Prof. Pan and her students are dedicated to establish accurate, robust, and scalable numerical methods, data-driven model order reduction techniques, and machine learning-enhanced modeling and simulations. More information about her research group can be found in her Extended Homepage:

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