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Mechanical Engineering Building
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Professor Fronczak has been an emeritus professor since his retirement from the University.  He continues to consult with students on engineering design projects.  He also continues to consult with industry in the areas of fluid power, vibrations, and mechanical and biomedical products design. He also continues to serve as a consultant and as an expert witness in Intellectual Property cases.  While at the University, he was the Director of the UW Mechanical Systems Design Laboratory as well as the Director of the UW Fluid Power Research Laboratory, and he was a founding member of UW-CREATe (Center for Rehabilitative Engineering and Assistive Technology). In his 30+ years at the University, Professor Fronczak engaged in a large number of widely varying research and design projects.  A small sampling follows: With UW-CREATe, he engaged in the design of products for individuals with movement related disabilities. A variety of products were designed and/or redesigned. Projects included a hand-powered cycle for individuals with disabilities, and ergonomic power tools, as well as several other devices. These design efforts involved consideration of factors such as manufacturability, human factors (ergonomics), ease of assembly, serviceability, environmental friendliness and functionality. Another of Fronczak's research projects involved the design and construction of a unique multi-degree-of-freedom testing machine. Fronczak also conducted both experimental and analytical studies involving the design of a hypocycloid engine/compressor. This novel design offers the potential of reduced vibration and engine wear.

Professor Fronczak's research and consulting interests and activities include machine and product design, fluid power, and vibrations, as well as design of biomedical equipment.  His research involves engineering design, as well as analytical and experimental work in these areas. In addition to the projects noted above, he has extensive experience in the deign of fluid power components and systems for automotive, off-highway, and aerospace applications. This work has potential applications in manufacturing and the automotive, agricultural and aerospace industries. 

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