David Foster

Phil and Jean Myers Professor Emeritus


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127 Engineering Research Building
1500 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Ph: (608) 263-1617
Fax: (608) 262-6707

Primary Affiliation:
Mechanical Engineering

Additional Affiliations:
Engine Research Center

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Foster teaches classes in the areas of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and combustion. He has been the recipient of various departmental, engineering society and university awards for classroom teaching. In addition, he studies ignition kinetics as applied to knock and cetane rating problems, combustion characteristics of alternative fuels, and analytical modeling of different engine phenomena. Foster's research interests are in the field of combustion and internal combustion engines. His goal is to gain a better understanding of combustion and emission formation processes in engines. This will lead to more efficient, cleaner engines. Specifically, he works to perfect the application of optical diagnostics to engine and combustion systems. This includes in-cylinder LDV, particulate sizing and number distribution via laser scattering and extinction, and laser fluorescence measurements. Professor Foster is part of the Engine Research Center, which is the Center of Excellence in Advanced Propulsion Systems for the Army Research Office. Center activities involve 64 people, including 45 graduate students, 10 staff and nine faculty members. Housed in the Engineering Research Building, the center has extensive facilities for research on combustion, fluids, sprays, heat transfer, lubrication and materials related to engines (mainly diesels).

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