Norman H. Beachley

Professor Emeritus


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2274 Mechanical Engineering Building
1513 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706

Ph: (608) 262-6142

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Mechanical Engineering

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For the study of hypocycloid engines, an experimental single-cylinder air compressor and also a single-cylinder four-stroke engine have been built and tested in addition to comprehensive analysis. This concept allows complete balance of engines with any number of cylinders, and virtually eliminates piston side loads. Professor Beachley's recent research covers the general topic of improved fuel ecenomy for motor vehicles. He is placing particular emphasis on the use of energy storage techniques, using flywheels or hydropneumatic accumulators, to provide regenerative braking and to allow the engine to be operated only at or very close to its condition of maximum efficiency. Detailed computer simulation of vehicle operation over various driving cycles is used in these studies. Laboratory test rigs provide experimental data for different hybrid power plant concepts. A laboratory microcomputer is used to study various control policies and techniques and to provide data acquisition and evaluation. His current major research interest is the application and control of internal combustion engine hydrostatic transmission systems, with emphasis on fuel economy and four-wheel drive with complete traction control. Other fluid power interests include pulse duration modulation techniques for solenoid valves, and application of hydropneumatic accumulators for energy storage. He is also investigating hypocycloid crankshaft designs for internal combustion engines. Professor Beachley teaches undergraduate courses in the mechanical design area and graduate level courses in fluid power, and analysis and design of rotating machinery. He is coauthor with Emeritus Professor Howard Harrison of the textbook Introduction to Dynamic System Analysis.

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