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2559 Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Ph: (608) 262-2703
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Hybrid/electric vehicles, wind and solar power generation, fuel cells, more electric aircraft and ships ... . We are in exciting times where there are great opportunities for research to advance many emerging technologies as related to power conversion, distribution, utilization and generation. Cutting edge research is needed in these areas for achieving lower weight and volume, lower vibration, lower acoustic and electromagnetic noise, higher reliability, higher efficiency, and feasibility, scalability and adaptability of new technological breakthroughs in these areas.

My research interests encompass analysis, modeling, simulation, and prototyping of various existing or newly conceived electrical machines, drives, and power electronic circuits to achieve better weight and volume, better efficiency and better power density. To this end, my current research involves characterization and reduction of losses in electric machines, reducing power losses in power electronic circuitries, and achieving robust control topologies for steady state and transient performance. I have special interest in adaptation of new materials, topologies, and techniques for electrical machine design and power electronics to further the research. The research results are targeted to benefit renewable energy, hybrid/electric vehicles, aerospace and naval applications.

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