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Room: 801A
Extension Building
432 N Lake St
Madison, WI 53706

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Interdisciplinary Professional Programs

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College of Engineering,

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Dr. Andrea Strzelec is the program director for the Masters of Engineering in Engine Systems (MEES) and non-credit professional development courses in Interdisciplinary Professional Programs (InterPro). Her prior work was as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and principle investigator of the Combustion & Reaction Characterization Laboratory (CRCL) at Mississippi State University and Texas A&M University. Her teaching experience is in thermodynamics, heat transfer, internal combustion engines, automotive engineering and combustion science. She completed postdoctoral fellowships at Oak Ridge and Pacific Northwest National Laboratories and received her interdisciplinary Combustion Engineering, combining Chemical and Mechanical Engineering, PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, working through the Engine Research Center and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Dr. Strzelec teaches graduate courses in Thermal Systems Engineering, internal combustion engines, exhaust aftertreatment and combustion science. She has also taught undergraduate courses in automotive engineering, internal combustion engines, thermodynamics, heat transfer, thermal fluids analysis and design, and senior design.

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