Herbert F. Wang



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142 Lewis G. Weeks Hall For Geological Science
1215 West Dayton Street
Madison, WI 53706

Ph: (608) 262-5932

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Geological Engineering

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My past work in modeling geodynamical processes has included a detailed temperature-time history for the Caledonides in Norway, mechanical models for the 1.1 billion-year-old Midcontinent rift system and ground deformation in the Long Valley caldera. I have also used the concepts of double porosity fracture flow to model chemical and isotope diffusion in rocks at high temperatures containing a fluid phase along grain boundaries. I am interested in the physical properties of rocks and geodynamical modeling because they link observations to geologic processes. My laboratory research involves measuring the complete set of poroelastic moduli that characterize the coupled fluid flow and stress behavior of rock. The laboratory work is tied in with the numerical modeling of poroelastic phenomena such as the passage of a pressure pulse through a laboratory sample and the deformation of an aquifer during pumping. On the theoretical side, I am interested in the extension of poroelastic theory to fractured rock.

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