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My overall consulting background and research/teaching interests are inter-disciplinary, covering facets of geotechnical, environmental, transportation, geological, and energy engineering. From a broad perspective, I conduct research in energy geotechnics (wind energy site civil, geotechnical, and structural design; installation of geothermal heating and cooling systems), the beneficial reuse of industrial byproducts (e.g., cement kiln dust, flyash, and lime for subgrade improvement and cementitious stabilization of pavement layers; life cycle analysis of incorporating byproducts such as foundry sand, recycled pavement and concrete in transportation infrastructure), remediation of metals-contaminated sites, and rail substructure material testing and modeling. I developed these research interests as a consulting engineer for 10+ years at two internationally prominent engineering firms and through discussions and interactions with practitioners participating in my national continuing engineering short course programs. Examples of ongoing and planned research projects (2012) include:


  • Foundation response and soil stress dissipation for 1.65-MW wind turbine generator (sponsored by the Department of Energy)

  • Installation and monitoring of Deep Insulated Single Hole (DISH) geothermal system (collaboration with Wisconsin Well & Water Systems, LLC; Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, WGNHS; and Advanced Custom Geothermal, LLC)

  • Measurement of the deep geothermal gradient in Wisconsin (collaboration with WGNHS, sponsored by the Department of Energy)

  • Leaching standard work group (with Vanderbilt University and the US Environmental Protection Agency)

  • Characterization of cementitiously stabilized layers for use in pavement design and analysis (sponsored by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program)

  • Thermal conduction mechanisms in unsaturated soil for sustainable energy practice (sponsored by the Department of Energy and UW Graduate School)

  • Increasing rail freight loads with strategic injections of polyurethane into ballast layers (sponsored by the National Center for Freight & Infrastructure Research and Education)

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