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Ph: (608) 255-4222

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Engineering Physics

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Engineering Mechanics

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Professor Sandor's main research has been in Thermoelastic Stress Analysis (TSA), a full-field, noncontacting experimental method based on small, modulated infrared emissions. Pioneering work at UW-Madison with this method includes: isotropic and anisotropic materials (metallic and nonmetallic); high-temperature environments; random-load stress and modal analysis; stress microscopy; image-based nondestructive evaluation and life prediction.

Recent research and lecturing: comprehensive mechanics analysis of ancient chariots. This technical work is correlated with wide-ranging studies in archaeology and art (examples: "Virtual Rides on Tut and Ben-Hur Chariots," at Fatigue 2003, Queens' College, Cambridge, UK; "Tutankhamun's Chariots and the Exodus," at Madison Biblical Archaeology Society, 3/16/13).

Major activity on chariot research: fundamental technical advising on the NOVA documentary "Building Pharaoh's Chariot," and filming on location in Egypt in summer of 2012. Original broadcast on PBS, 2/6/13:


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