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Room: 839
Engineering Research Building
1500 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Ph: (608) 335-0866

Primary Affiliation:
Engineering Physics

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Engineering Physics,

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Dr. Jun Wang is a honorary research associate in University of Wisconsin Madison. His research regions include nuclear fuels, nuclear thermal hydraulics, nuclear power plant (NPP) severe accident, core sub-channel, generation IV NPP concept design, experiment two-phase flow, computation fluid dynamics simulation, and applications of new methods. 


Now Dr. Wang mainly focuses on nuclear fuels, nuclear fuels, nuclear thermal hydraulics, and nuclear power plant (NPP) severe accident. His reseach including accident tolerance fuels (cladding) thermal physical properties evaluations, steam explosion code development, and nuclear policy. 


Dr. Wang is guest associate editor of Journal Frontiers in Energy Research. Dr. Wang is responsible for nuclear energy thermal hydraulic reearch in this journal.


Dr. Wang's co-supervisors are Prof. Corradini and Prof. Sridharan. Dr. Wang also works with Dr. Hangjin Jo, Ms. Juliana Pacheco Duarte, Mr. Mckinleigh Mccabe, Mr. Robert Armstrong, Mr. Stephen Lovejoy, Ms. Laura Miller and Mr. Neel Burman; along with visiting scholars Dr. Dawei Zhao, Dr. Kaiyi Shi, Mr. Wenbo Qiu, Mr. Miao Gui.

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