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Room: M1050D
Engineering Centers Building
1550 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Ph: (608) 262-6099

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My main resposibilities at UW Madison include:

1.Teaching undergraduates and supervising Graduate Students on related projects

2. From an external perspective, serving as a point of contact for industral partners and affiliates who are interested in interacting with the university. This interaction may be in the form of technical resource usage, sponsored research, questions about faculty expertise and connections, IP issues, etc., as the co-Director of the Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium (AMIC);

3. Doing infrastructure development and external outreach for the Grainger Institute for Engineering, an outward facing institute dedicated to integrating academic expertise and focus with industrially relevant challenges to enhance regional innovation.

4. Serving as an assistant project scientist on materials science projects to help accelerate progress on materials processing related issues.

5. Helping out in general wherever I can.


My technical background is in materials processing and engineering with specializations and extensive experience in

  • semiconductor material and device processing with monolithic and MEMS structures,
  • optical & physical characterization of bulk, thin film and complex, photonic MEMS devices;
  • advanced fabrication processes for MEMS structures including low stress metalization,
    • photo-lithography on non-planar surfaces with and with or without acetone/PGMEA reflow,
    • wet and dry etching including DRIE of complex structures,
  • flip chip bonding,
  • critical point drying of high aspect ratio arrayed MEMS structures;
  • wire bonding, and package design
  • heterogeneous integration with Si to III-V, SOI and MEMS structures,
  • hermetic packaging for MEMS based photonic devices
  • systems integration,
  • start up company issues and challenges, administration of government contracts, and operations management

I have worked at the Boeing Satellite Development center doing technology qualification, reliability and failure analysis for materials , devices and circuits in satellite electronics, at Duke University on wafer fusion of Si/InGaAs interfaces and co-founded a startup company, Applied Quantum Technologies, on design/fabrication/post processing/packaging/system integration of a highly optimized, MEMS-based, high-performance, laser beam steering m x n nonblocking optical switching systems.

Academic and technical interests include: science popularization and educational outreach for K-12 and the general public. Consulting offers wil be considered.



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