Donald Novotny

Emeritus Professor


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2546 Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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My research has been concerned with power electronic control of electric machines and the analysis and design of magnetic components for power electronic systems.The work involves both theoretical and experimental activity directed toward improved power electronic conversion systems and controllers for industrial applications. One major area of work was concerned with high performance drives for motion control applications.In these systems the emphasis is on speed of response, a wide range of motor speed and a controller that is robust with respect to machine parameters.  A second major activity was the development of new design concepts and methodologies for the high frequency inductors and transformers required in power electronic circuits. Much of this work was concerned with exploiting the use of co-axial windings to produce low leakage, high efficiency, high frequency power transformers.Possible applications include contactless power transfer to stationary or moving systems as well as more conventional power conversion circuits.

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