Kangwook Lee

Assistant Professor


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Room: M1002
Engineering Centers Building
1550 Engineering Dr.
Madison, WI 53706


Primary Affiliation:
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Additional Affiliations:
Computer Sciences,


GenLabel: Mixup Relabeling using Generative Models
J. Sohn, L. Shang, H. Chen, J. Moon, D. Papailiopoulos, and K. Lee
ICML 2022

Permutation-Based SGD: Is Random Optimal?
S. Rajput, K. Lee, and D. Papailiopoulos
ICLR 2022

Sample Selection for Fair and Robust Training
Y. Roh, K. Lee, S. Whang, and C. Suh
NeurIPS 2021 

J. Kim, J. Jeon, K. Lee, S. Oh, and J. Ok
Gradient Inversion with Generative Image Prior
NeurIPS 2021

Coded-InvNet for Resilient Prediction Serving Systems
T. Dinh, and K. Lee
ICML 2021 (long oral)

Discrete-Valued Latent Preference Matrix Estimation with Graph Side Information
C. Jo, and K. Lee
ICML 2021

Accordion: Adaptive Gradient Communication via Critical Learning Regime Identification
S. Agarwal, H. Wang, K. Lee, S. Venkataraman, and D. Papailiopoulos
MLSys 2021

FairBatch: Batch Selection for Model Fairness
Y. Roh, K. Lee, S. Whang, and C. Suh
ICLR 2021

Attack of the Tails: Yes, You Really Can Backdoor Federated Learning
H. Wang, K. Sreenivasan, S. Rajput, H. Vishwakarma, S. Agarwal, J. Sohn, K. Lee, and D. Papailiopoulos
NeurIPS 2020

Reprogramming GANs via Input Noise Design
K. Lee, C. Suh, and K. Ramchandran

FR-Train: A mutual information-based approach to fair and robust training
Y. Roh, K. Lee, S. Whang, and C. Suh
ICML 2020

Crash to Not Crash: Learn to Identify Dangerous Vehicles using a Simulator
H. Kim*, K. Lee*, G. Hwang, and C. Suh
AAAI 2019 (oral)

Binary Rating Estimation with Graph Side Information
K. Ahn, K. Lee, H. Cha, and C. Suh
NeurIPS 2018

Simulated+Unsupervised Learning With Adaptive Data Generation and Bidirectional Mappings
K. Lee*, H. Kim*, and C. Suh
ICLR 2018

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