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2559C Engineering Hall
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Madison, WI 53706

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The rapid development of renewable energy technology and the need for greater energy efficiency demands power electronics with greatly increased capabilities. The physical size and cost of power electronic equipment are major limitations preventing improved energy utilization and efficiency in many applications. An important method for reducing the size (and ultimately cost) of power electronics is through increasing switching frequency. Design at very high frequencies (VHF) reduces energy storage requirements and permits the use of smaller passive components. However, there have traditionally been practical obstacles to the use of higher frequencies, such as low efficiency. My ongoing research focuses on developing new circuit designs, novel magnetic components and means of applying new devices to achieve orders of magnitude increase in frequency over the current state-of-art while maintaining high efficiency. This, in turn, opens up new possibilities for how power electronics can be designed and applied. My primary research interests are in power electronics and their applications in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Power electronics efficiently convert and control electrical energy and provide reliable and high quality electrical power. Power electronics are essential to future energy networks, both for interconnecting renewable energy sources and storage devices to distribution networks and for enabling more efficient utilization of energy. With increased emphasis on energy savings and environmental pollution problems, power electronics having new functionality and higher performance will be needed in myriad applications including solar and wind power, fuel cells, electric/hybrid vehicles, and all kinds of commercial and residential applications.

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