William C. Sonzogni

Professor Emeritus


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213d State Lab Of Hygiene Agriculture Dr
2601 Agriculture Drive (send campus mail to 465 Henry Mall)
Madison, WI 54706

Ph: (608) 224-6200
Fax: (608) 224-6201

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Aside from my faculty position, I also direct the Environmental Health Laboratory of the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene. At our new off-campus facility, a staff of over 100 conducts environmental testing of all types. The state-of-the-art laboratory provides a unique opportunity for students to become familiar with practical aspects of laboratory operations, to interact with research management personnel such as those of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and to utilize some modern, specialized equipment. The Environmental Health Laboratory also provides a resource for faculty in need of chemical testing for their research. I am interested in environmental research that can be applied to better manage our resources. Some specific problems my students and I have been working on involve the biological degradation of contaminants and the relative risks of various pollutants. We have also studied the analytical chemistry of detecting pollutants, including ways to lower detection limits. I am also interested in using various bioassays to assess the toxic potential of pollutants. Finally, applying research results to better manage our natural resources, such as Wisconsin's surface and groundwaters, has always been a long-term goal.

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