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Direct applications of this work are spray cooling of high heat flux electronics, boiling and condensation in smooth and enhanced tubes, and the development of cleaner, more efficient small engines through a better understanding of carburetor behavior. We are approaching this through the use of unique experimental flow loops and flow visualization techniques.Long, clear test sections are used to study a range of fluids and flow conditions.New optical measurement techniques, such as Thin Film PIV, are being developed to quantify flow behavior.Results from these measurements will be fed into efforts to develop accurate, flexible and computationally efficient models for use both by university researchers and system designers in industry. Though he has several areas of interest, Tim's current focus is on identifying the primary mechanisms responsible for two-phase heat and momentum transfer in thin films.While this may sound a little esoteric, these conditions exist in literally millions of appliances and commercial products world wide.A better understanding of the behavior of vapor-liquid systems can lead to improved efficiencies, less waste materials (refrigerants and heat exchangers), and greater affordability of products.

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