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2226 Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Ph: (608) 262-3225

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I have ongoing interests in coastal erosion/landslides primarily involving the Great Lakes shoreline. Currently, we are trying to predict shore recession using geomorphologic models. My past research in geotechnical engineering involved frictional load transfer in piles, anchors, and other inclusions in sand. We recently worked on discrete element modeling of granular media-structure interface and the microstructural activities in this zone using image analysis techniques. My environmental geotechnics research included transport and attenuation of organic chemicals in earthen liners in the past. Currently, we are working on compatibility of geosynthetic clay liners and other geosynthetics with acidic mine waste. One of my current research focuses is construction of highways over poor subgrades and use of industrial by-products and geosynthetics in highway construction. I have been conducting research on industrial by-products such as shredded automobile tires, foundry by-products, and coal combustion fly ash. My earlier interest on the behavior of peats and organic soils has evolved in recent years to construction over organic soft ground and high water content wastes. This interest naturally involves me in research on filtration and interface friction behavior of geosynthetics in contact with natural soils but also with industrial by-products and high water content wastes.

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