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2204 Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Fax: (608) 262-5199

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Wisconsin Transportation Center

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I am interested in improving life-cycle decision support for transportation assets such as bridges and pavements. New performance-based measures and knowledge of associated economic implications are needed to support strategic decision-making. This includes the application of remote sensing technologies. The goal of my research on transportation infrastructure asset management is integrated decision support. This includes the development of spatial/temporal referencing data models and the use of geographic information systems (GIS). Spatial/temporal referencing in GIS is just beginning to be addressed. Most data that are required for asset management systems are spatial and/or temporal. The outputs from the inventory, condition assessment and deterioration modeling can be combined with other sources of data in a geographic information system environment to enhance the assessment of infrastructure performance. Historically, infrastructure management is conducted on an individual asset-by-asset basis with limited opportunities for seeing the "big picture." There is a need for coordination both vertically within an agency, and horizontally between different types of assets that compete for resources. Many new tools are now available to make the infrastructure management process more efficient and integrative. New technology goes beyond hardware and software; it consists of new applications, new philosophies, and enhanced procedures.

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