Victor M. Zavala

Baldovin-DaPra Associate Professor


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Room: 2012
Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Ph: (608) 890-2111
Fax: (608) 262-5434

Primary Affiliation:
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Additional Affiliations:
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Profile Summary

Our group specializes in the formulation of mathematical optimization models for optimal control, estimation, and system design. We also develop scalable computational techniques to solve such models on high-performance computers. We use these capabilities to: i) understand the interplay between economic and physical behavior of complex systems and ii) develop decision-making strategies to manage multiple conflicting objectives, multiple spatial and temporal scales, and high levels of uncertainty. Systems of interest include chemical production facilities, agricultural supply chains, electrical power networks, natural gas networks, batteries, and buildings.

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