Mahesh Mahanthappa

Associate Professor


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Room: 7365
Daniels Building
1101 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53706

Ph: (608) 262-0421

Primary Affiliation:
Chemical and Biological Engineering

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Our research focuses on discovering new chemical methods for manipulating the supramolecular self-assembly of small molecules and polymers to yield soft materials with unusual chemical and physical properties. We are particularly interested in: (1) understanding how segmental polydispersity affects block copolymer self-assembly to foster development of new functional block copolymer materials, (2) characterizing new polymer electrolyte materials for Li-ion batteries, (3) development of amphiphilic block copolymer dispersions and hydrogels for oilfield applications, and (4) exploiting small molecule self-assembly to produce selective ion transporting media for electrical energy storage and utilization. Through a combination of synthetic chemistry and soft materials characterization, we synthesize chemically well-defined materials and understand how their specific molecular attributes influence their solid-state morphologies and ultimate properties. To maximize the potential utility of our newly synthesized materials, we further focus on developing efficient and scalable materials syntheses based on inexpensive chemical feedstocks.

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