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Room: 2228
Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Ph: (608) 262-0365

Research Interests

Our research focuses on developing an advanced understanding of chemo-morphological coupling in materials at gas-solid, gas-liquid-solid, and liquid-solid interfaces for applications related to the earth, energy, and the environment. 

Key research themes include 

  • Gas transport, recovery and storage
  • Chemical and morphological tuning of materials for reaction-driven gas separation and storage, and for the safe disposal of contaminants
  • Closing the elemental cycles by integrating the enhanced recovery of essential fuels and resources with safe and permanent intercalation or storage of environmentally hazardous gases and materials

Application areas of interest: natural and engineered materials for CO2 storage and CH4 recovery, advanced carbonate and clay chemistry and morphology, tracers for gas migration, natural and engineered colloidal systems as drilling fluids, valorization of industrial residues, and functionalized materials for energy and resource recovery and industrial and process water treatment.

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