Alan P. Vonderohe

Professor Emeritus


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1208 Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Ph: (608) 262-9854

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The breadth of LIS/GIS application areas, combined with the complex nature of environmental and economic development problems, are leading to interdisciplinary research efforts. Thus, we have formed a Spatial Information and Analysis Consortium that coordinates research, instruction, and outreach in LIS/GIS across the campus. SIAC has representatives from eight departments in three colleges and an institute. One SIAC project involves the evaluation of digital (softcopy) photogrammetric systems with regard to their functionality, ease of use and accuracy. Digital orthophotos and automatic digital elevation model production are primary considerations. One project involved adapting geographic information systems for transportation (GIS-T). Our objective was to develop a GIS-T design and implementation plan that is responsive to present and future technical, economic and institutional needs, and which has an immediate and favorable impact upon the transportation industry. This national project was focused at state departments of transportation. We are synthesizing high-level activity and data models from a number of transportation agencies. Potential GIS applications include any agency, utility or business that manages geographically-referenced information. My research activities can be catagorized under geospatial information science and engineering. Our research projects range from analyzing and designing spatial/ temporal reference frameworks; to testing the accuracy of digital spatial data; to developing management schemes and applications for real-time information telemetered by intelligent vehicles; to conceptual data modeling for spatial/temporal information systems.

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