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2205 Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Ph: (608) 843-5976
Fax: (608) 262-5199

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Mr. Nelson is an adjunct professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin Madison and a consultant to the design and construction industry.

Mr. Nelson serves as Chairman of MEP Associates,LLC, a US based engineering consulting firm. 

Mr. Nelson also serves as Chief Technology Officer for Global Infrastucture Asset Management, Chicago Illinois.

Duties as Adjunct Professor include teaching, research, advising, and mentoring, such as:

  • Instuctor, Technical Project Management Course, Masters of Engineering Managment On-Line Program
  • Instructor and Mentor, Global AEC Design Course, Stanford University
  • Lectures/Instruction/Mentoring in a variety of CoE, School of Business, and Nelson Institute Classes
  • Research, publication and conference presentations on sustainability in buildings
  • Research, publication and conference presentations on lean project delivery (in conjunction with Professor Awad Hanna)
  • Graduate student advising and thesis committees
  • Student mentoring
  • Seminars such as: "What Would Aldo Leopold Think  About Corn Ethanol?" a joint series with CoE and Ag, CHE/NIES Place Based Workshop on Energy — Spring 2010 Energy Institute, CoE Weston Lecture Series, CEE and Nelson Institute High School Student on Campus Career Days
  • Engaging students in practice experiences via consulting assignments

Examples of recent consulting assignments include:

  • Advising a Fortune 100 company on DBOOM delivery of private sustainable energy infrastucture
  • Advising an engineering firm on managment and leadership succession
  • Advising a design builder on lean
  • Advising a major university on sustainable campus master planning
  • Advising a Chicago area constructor, designer and hospital system on lean facility delivery
  • Advising an energy services company on value clarity
  • Assisting a venture capital firm with due diligence on an energy services company investment
  • Advising the UW Physical Sciences Lab on construction to support the Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment at DUSEL
  • Advising a global equipment manufacturer on business strategy
  • Advising a developer on life cycle and triple bottom line sustainable development analyses
  • Participating in the US General Service Administrationand Veterans Administration Design Excellence Programs as a construction peer
  • Advising a private college on professional selection and project delivery
  • Advising a major healthcare system on capital strategies
  • Supporting WARF on the Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery
  • Advising a National A/E on Engineering Strategies
  • Advising an environmental consultancy on business strategies

During his tenure in industry, he served as Project Engineer, Department Head, Project Manager, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer at Affiliated Engineers. His background includes design, applications and research experience with dynamic building systems, along with business and project management.


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