Melissa C. Skala

Carol Skornicka Chair; RRF Daniel M. Albert Chair; Professor


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Room: Discovery Building 3262
Morgridge Institute for Research
330 N Orchard St
Madison , WI 53715

Ph: (608) 316-4108

Primary Affiliation:
Biomedical Engineering

Additional Affiliations:
Medical Physics

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Dr. Skala's lab develops biomedical optical imaging technologies for cancer research, cell therapy, and immunology. Current projects focus on tumor immunology and immunotherapy, cell-level metabolic heterogeneity, and cell-cell interactions. Collaborative projects leverage these unique photonics-based tools for clinical problems, including quality control in T cell and stem cell therapies, designing personalized treatment plans for cancer patients, monitoring diseases in the eye, discovering new therapies for a range of diseases, and many others. Projects are highly diverse and range from translational research to hypothesis-driven questions to algorithm / instrumentation development.

Dr. Skala is actively recruiting graduate students and postdocs.

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