Bernadette Gillick

Associate Professor, Director Waisman Pediatric Neuromodulation Laboratory, Director of Research Design- Institute for Clinical and Translational Research


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Room: 491
Waisman Center
1500 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705

Ph: (608) 262-7457

Primary Affiliation:
Biomedical Engineering

Additional Affiliations:
Pediatrics, School of Medicine and Public Health

Profile Summary

Dr. Gillick combines her 30-year clinical career as a pediatric physical therapist with a PhD in Rehabilitation Science and Neuroscience to study novel assessment and intervention tools to advance lifelong outcomes in children who have experienced early brain injury. Dr. Gillick’s pioneered a neuromodulation program integrating non-invasive brain stimulation in children with brain injury, stroke and cerebral palsy towards improved outcomes across the lifespan. She was the first to combine rehabilitation with non-invasive brain stimulation which showed significant improvements in hand function in children with cerebral palsy.  Her work aims to advance current understanding of how the brain both develops and recovers after early injury using tools including neuromodulation, neuroimaging, and behavioral assessment. The goal of her work is to promote early detection and diagnosis of cerebral palsy, and to inform rehabilitation interventions that are precisely targeted to individual development.

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