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Stephen Robinson

Interim Chair of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor Emeritus

Also: Industrial and Systems Engineering, Computer Sciences

Variational analysis and optimization, Quantitative methods in managerial economics, Methods to support decision under uncertainty, (608) 263-6862



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Todd Allen


Also: Engineering Physics, Materials Science Program

Materials for nuclear energy system, fission reactors, nuclear fuels, energy policy, sustainability of nuclear energy, (608) 265-4083

Wisconsin Institute of Nuclear Systems (WINS)

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Susan Babcock


Also: Materials Science Program

Crystal defect microstructures, microstructure in films and engineered substrates of/for compound semiconductors, applications of electron microscopy and atom probe tomography in materials research ,, (608) 263-5696

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James A. Clum

Visiting Professor

Electronics Packaging, Statistical Design of Experiments/Process Reliability, Materials/Manufacturing Processes, (608) 262-1133

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Wendy Crone


Also: Engineering Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science Program

Experimental mechanics of materials, characterization hydrogels and biomaterials, therapeutic medical devices, stem cell mechanics, (608) 262-8384

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Chang Beom Eom

Theodore H. Geballe Professor and Harvey D. Spangler Distinguished Professor

Also: Materials Science Program

Nanostructure fabrications of novel materials, Hetroepitaxy of complex oxide thin films and heterostructures, (608) 263-6305


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Mark A. Eriksson


Also: Materials Science Program

Quantum Computation and Quantum Bits (Qubits), Si/SiGe Quantum Dot Spin and Hybrid Qubits, Nanoscience, Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene, Semiconductor Nanomembranes, Thermoelectric Materials, Semiconductor Nanostructures, Scanning Probe Microscopy (AFM, EFM, Scanned Gate), (608) 263-6289


Profile Photo Thumb for Paul Evans

Paul Evans

Professor and Associate Chair

Also: Materials Science Program

X-ray diffraction, microscopy, and optics, x-ray probes for ultrafast dynamics, micro-and-nanoscale properties of magnetic materials, magnetism, domains and switching in ferroelectric materials, single-monolayer scale organic electronics, (608) 265-6773

Profile Photo Thumb for Padma Gopalan

Padma Gopalan


Also: Materials Science Program

Polymer Synthesis and Characterization, Electro-optic and Photonic Materials, Self-assembly of Block Copolymers, Photonic Devices, Liquid Crystalline Polymers, (608) 265-4258

Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center

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Sindo Kou


Also: Materials Science Program

My research work has been on understanding and controlling cracking, segregation, microstructure and transport phenomena during welding, casting and crystal growth. Examples of my current interests include:Welding of magnesium: Being the lightest structural metal, Mg can help reduce vehicle weight and hence improve fuel efficiency. We are interested in ap..., (608) 262-0576

Profile Photo Thumb for Thomas Kuech

Thomas Kuech

Milton J. and A. Maude Shoemaker and Beckwith-Bascom Professor

Also: Chemical and Biological Engineering, Materials Science Program

Solid-state materials synthesis and characterization, electronic and semiconductor materials, solar energy and photovoltaics, oxide materials, nanostructure formation, (608) 263-2922


Profile Photo Thumb for Max Lagally

Max Lagally

Erwin W. Mueller Professor and Bascom Professor of Surface Science

Also: Materials Science Program

Nanoscale properties of surfaces, interfaces, thin films, and dimensionally confined structures, Atom-scale mechanisms of film growth: Group IV semiconductors, nano-strain engineering, silicon nanomembranes, relationship of nanostructure to localized electronic and optoelectronic properties, quantum dots, Development of advanced instrumentation for growth..., (608) 263-2078

Laboratory for Thin-Film Deposition

Profile Photo Thumb for Roderic Lakes

Roderic Lakes

Wisconsin Distinguished Professor

Also: Engineering Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science Program

Novel materials including composites and cellular solids, Viscoelastic materials, Biomechanics and bio-materials, Experimental characterization of materials, Extreme physical properties, (608) 265-8697

Rheology Research Center

Profile Photo Thumb for Dane Morgan

Dane Morgan


Also: College of Engineering, Engineering Physics, Materials Science Program

Computational materials science for materials design, Ab initio electronic structure methods and multiscale techniques for large time / length scales and thermokinetics, Ab initio based modeling of electrochemical systems and processes, Application areas:Nuclear materials, Battery and fuel cell electrodes, Earth mantle materials, electronic materials, (608) 265-5879

Profile Photo Thumb for William Murphy

William Murphy

Harvey D. Spangler Professor

Also: Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science Program

Creation of new biomaterials using bioinspired approaches, Using biomaterials to define the stem cell microenvironment, Development of biomaterials for tissue regeneration (tissue engineering), New approaches for drug delivery and gene therapy, (608) 265-9978

Profile Photo Thumb for Michael Murrell

Michael Murrell

Assistant Professor

Also: Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science Program

Molecular, Cellular, and Tissue Biomechanics, Systems Biology, Cellular Engineering, Cell Motility and Tissue Dynamics,

Profile Photo Thumb for John Perepezko

John H. Perepezko


Also: Materials Science Program

Phase transformations, Interface reactions / coating design, Metastable and amorphous phases, Kinetics, Nucleation, Metal powders and high temperature intermetallic alloys, Rapid solidification, Microgravity processing, (608) 263-1678

Profile Photo Thumb for Ian Robertson

Ian M Robertson

Professor and Dean of the College of Engineering

Profile Photo Thumb for Kumar Sridharan

Kumar Sridharan

Distinguished Research Professor, Fellow of American Society for Materials,
Fellow of Institute of Materials, London, UK

Also: Engineering Physics, Materials Science Program

Nuclear reactor materials research and development, Irradiation effects in materials, Corrosion of materials, High temperature materials, Physical metallurgy and mechanical behavior of materials, Ion implantation and plasma-assisted thin film deposition of materials, Surface modifications and coatings including nanoscale processes and materials, Emerging ..., (608) 263-4789

Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program

Profile Photo Thumb for Donald Stone

Donald Stone


Also: Materials Science Program

Metals and alloys, ceramics, polymers, composites, amorphous alloys, biological materials, thin films, microscopic specimens, kinetics, thermodynamics, mechanical properties: creep, plasticity, fracture, scale effects, (608) 262-8791

Engineering Mechanics

Profile Photo Thumb for Izabela Szlufarska

Izabela Szlufarska

Professor and Associate Chair

Also: Engineering Physics, Materials Science Program

Mechanical behavior at the nanoscaleFriction, adhesion, and wear and their dependence on materials chemistry and microstructure, Size effects in plasticity, , Defect behavior in semiconductors and insulators under irradiation
Radiation effects in nuclear ceramics by means of multiscale simulations methods, Point defe..., (608) 265-5878

Profile Photo Thumb for Paul Voyles

Paul Voyles


Also: Materials Science Program

Electron microscopy, including aberration-corrected Z-contrast STEM, microanalysis by EDS and EELS, and coherent electron nanodiffraction, growth, structure, and defects in functional materials, including spintronics, oxide interfaces, and nanostructures, nanoscale order in glassy materials, (608) 265-6740

Profile Photo Thumb for Xudong Wang

Xudong Wang

Associate Professor

Also: Materials Science Program

Oxide nanomaterials growth and characterization, Piezoelectric nanostructures and nanodevices for mechanical energy harvesting, Semiconductor nanomaterials and devices for solar energy harvesting and energy storage, Nanoscale piezoelectric effect and piezotronics, Piezocatalysis and interface between piezoelectricity and electrochemistry, (608) 890-2667


Emeritus Faculty

Profile Photo Thumb for Bezalel Haimson

Bezalel C. Haimson

Professor Emeritus

Also: Geological Engineering

Rock mechanics, failure modes in rocks, true triaxial strength criteria, borehole instability and breakouts, strain localization in high porosity sandstones and compaction bands, rock stress and in situ stress measurements, hydraulic fracturing, (608) 262-2563

Profile Photo Thumb for Eric Hellstrom

Eric E. Hellstrom

Professor Emeritus

Also: Materials Science Program

Synthesis, characterization and application of electrical ceramics, solid electrolytes, high-temperature oxide superconductors, (850) 645-7489

Profile Photo Thumb for David Larbalestier

David Larbalestier

Professor, Retired

Also: Materials Science Program

Metallurgical manufacturing processes, solidification in casting/welding operations, ductile cast irons, struture morphology, aluminum casting alloys, refinement/modification, primary phase morphology, thermal analysis of solidification transformation, structure control in fusion processes,


Profile Photo Thumb for Paul Peercy

Paul S. Peercy

Professor Emeritus

Also: Engineering Professional Development, Materials Science Program

Phase transitions in solids, ferroelectricity, Raman and Brillouin scattering studies of solids, ion-solid interactions, laser-induced phase transformations, microelectronics and photonics, solid-state devices, (608) 262-3482

Materials Science Center



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