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Department Chair

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Jaal B. Ghandhi

Grainger Professor of Sustainable Energy




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Peter Gabriel Adamczyk

Assistant Professor

Also: Biomedical Engineering

Biomechanics of Walking and Running, Biomechanics with Lower Limb Amputation, Advanced Foot/Ankle Prostheses, Wearable Sensors for "Real-World" Motion Tracking, Rehabilitation Robotics, Wearable Rehabilitation Devices, Wearable Assistive Devices, (608) 263-3231

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Frederick T. Elder

Adjunct Professor

Also: Engineering Physics

Mechanical systems, energy systems design, (608) 263-9328

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Roxann L. Engelstad

Stephen P. Timoshenko Professor and Bernard A. & Frances M. Weideman Professor

Structural dynamics, nonlinear vibrations, mechanical design, computer modeling and simulation, (608) 262-5745

Center for NanoTechnology, Computational Mechanics Center, Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program

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Melih Eriten

Assistant Professor

Also: Materials Science and Engineering

Multiscale materials modeling (friction, energy dissipation, and failure in multiscale structures and systems; continuum and atomistic modeling of interfaces; dislocations; plasticity; delamination), Multiscale experiments and diagnostics (nanoindentation/scratch, failure mechanics via acoustic emission, nanoscale electrical contact resistance, SEM, DIC, ..., (608) 890-4899

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Corinne Henak

Assistant Professor

Also: Biomedical Engineering

Mechanical and biological responses of cartilage to injury, Orthopedic soft tissue materials characterization, Finite element modeling, (608) 263-1619

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Sage L. Kokjohn

Assistant Professor

High efficiency energy conversion, Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, Turbulent combustion modelling, (608) 263-1610

Engine Research Center

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Tom N. Krupenkin

Associate Professor

Nanotechnology, Micro and nano-fluidics, Renewable energy,

Profile Photo Thumb for Robert Lorenz

Robert Lorenz

Elmer and Janet Kaiser Chair and Consolidated Papers Professor of Controls Engineering

Control of electromagnetic actuators and power electronics, Integration of sensing and control in power conversion, Physics-based multivariable control design methodologies, Design for sensing and control using multi-physics integration, (608) 262-5343

Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium

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Franklin Miller

Assistant Professor

Also: Engineering Physics

Cryogenics, Thermodynamics of Superfluid 3He-4He mixtures, Sub-Kelvin cooling for space science, Energy Systems, (608) 263-2479

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Sangkee Min

Assistant Professor

New Manufacturing Paradigm: Manufacturing for Design (MFD), Ultra-precision machining technology, Manufacturing energy efficiency and strategy, Appropriate technology, Burr minimization and prevention, Digital manufacturing and smart manufacturing, Hybrid manufacturing, (608) 262-1993

Profile Photo Thumb for John Moskwa

John Moskwa

Professor, Vilas Scholar, Director: Powertrain Control Research Laboratory (PCRL)

Vehicle powertrain system dynamic modeling, real-time control, system diagnostics, and transient testing.  Multivariable linear and nonlinear control methodologies, state observers, and hardware-in-the-loop systems.  Development of high performance transient test systems for single- and multi-cylinder I.C. engines..., (608) 263-2423

Powertrain Control Research Laboratory

Profile Photo Thumb for Dan Negrut

Dan Negrut

Vilas Associate Professor

Also: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

Software/Hardware Aspects Related to High Performance Computing in Engineering and Science,

Multi-physics Computer Modeling and Simulation,

Computational Multibody Dynamics,

Graphics and Visualization, Simulation-Based Engineering Lab, (608) 890-0914

Profile Photo Thumb for Gregory Nellis

Gregory F. Nellis


Also: Engineering Physics

Please visit the Solar Energy Lab web page,, in order to learn more about the ongoing projects., (608) 265-6626

Profile Photo Thumb for Tim Osswald

Tim Osswald

Consolidated Papers Foundation Chair sponsored by the Mead Witter Foundation

Also: Materials Science and Engineering

Plastics Design, Extrusion, Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Film Blowing, Compression Molding, Composites, Modeling and Simulation in Polymer Processing and Composites, Biopolymers, Intellectual Property, Ethics, (608) 263-9538

Polymer Engineering Center, Rheology Research Center

Profile Photo Thumb for Frank Pfefferkorn

Frank Pfefferkorn

Associate Professor

Also: Materials Science and Engineering

Laser polishing, Friction stir welding and processing, Micro end milling, Cryogenic machining, Energy consumption in manufacturing processes, Additive-subtractive manufacturing of metal parts, Modulation assisted machining, Temperature measurement and control in manufacturing, Heat and mass transfer, (608) 263-2668

Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program

Profile Photo Thumb for John Pfotenhauer

John M. Pfotenhauer


Also: Engineering Physics

Low temperature refrigeration, cryogenics, applied superconductivity, (608) 263-4082

College of Engineering, Liquid Helium/Nitrogen Facility

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Heidi-Lynn Ploeg

Associate Professor

Also: Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

Bone modelling and remodelling, orthopaedic implant design and analysis, biomechanics of joints, finite element analysis, fatigue of materials, (608) 262-2690

Orthopedics and Rehabilitation

Profile Photo Thumb for Xiaoping Qian

Xiaoping Qian

Associate Professor

Design: computational design, design and manufacturing, additive manufacturingOptimization: optimization of multiphysics systems, shape and topology optimization, Analysis: Finite element analysis, isogeometric analysis, Representation: geometric modeling,  statistical shape modeling, (608) 890-1925

Profile Photo Thumb for Alejandro Roldan-alzate

Alejandro Roldan-alzate

Assistant Professor

Also: Biomedical Engineering

Cardiovascular fluid dynamics, Medical imaging based computational fluid dynamics, Patient specific in vitro experiments, Patient specific virtual surgery, In vivo and In vitro 4D flow MRI, Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), (608) 265-3696

Profile Photo Thumb for David Rothamer

David Rothamer

Associate Professor

Laser based diagnostics, Internal combustion engines, Soot formation, Influence of fuel properties on combustion, 608.890.2271

Engine Research Center

Profile Photo Thumb for Robert Rowlands

Robert Rowlands


Also: Materials Science and Engineering

Laser applications to mechanics, composite and advanced materials, digital image analysis, structural mechanics, experimental mechanics and stress analysis, (608) 262-3205

Wisconsin Structures and Materials Testing Laboratory

Profile Photo Thumb for Natalie Rudolph

Natalie M. Rudolph

Assistant Professor

Additive Manufacturing of Polymers with focus onSelective Laser Sintering (SLS), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Automated Fiber Placement (AFP), Design and Manufacturing of Composites with focus onContinuous Fiber Reinforced Composites (CFRP), CFRP-metal hybrid materials, AFP and Automated Tape laying (ATL) processes, Temperature and Pressure Dependence..., (608) 890-0664

Polymer Engineering Center

Profile Photo Thumb for Christopher Rutland

Christopher J. Rutland

Phil and Jean Myers Professor

Computational fluid dynamics, turbulence, combustion, and spray modeling for IC engines, turbulent reacting flows, large eddy simulation, IC engine aftertreatment modeling, (608) 262-5853

Engine Research Center

Profile Photo Thumb for Scott Sanders

Scott Sanders


Also: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Swept-wavelength sources, advanced spectrometers, hyperspectral imaging, optical sensors, piston and aeropropulsion engines, (608) 262-3540

Engine Research Center

Profile Photo Thumb for Vadim Shapiro

Vadim Shapiro

Bernard A. and Frances M. Weideman Professor

Also: Computer Sciences

Model-Based Engineering, Digital design, manufacturing, and simulation, Geometric, solid, and physical modeling, Cyber-physical systems, (608) 262-3591

Spatial Automation Laboratory

Profile Photo Thumb for Tim Shedd

Tim Shedd

Associate Professor

Fuel delivery systems, Immersion Lithography, Contact line modeling, Sprays and spray impingement cooling, Electronics cooling, Flow visualization and optical measurement techniques, Two-phase heat transfer, Multiphase flows, (608) 265-2930

Computational Mechanics Center, Engine Research Center, Solar Energy Laboratory

Profile Photo Thumb for Krishnan Suresh

Krishnan Suresh


Topology Optimization, Design for Additive Manufacturing, Computational Mechanics, High-Peformance Computing, Advanced Finite Element Analysis, Finite Element Mesh Generation, (608) 262-3594

Profile Photo Thumb for Darryl Thelen

Darryl Thelen

Harvey D. Spangler Professor

Also: Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

Simulation of musculoskeletal dynamics, Mechanics and control of movement, Neuromuscular adaptation with age, injury and disease, Imaging of soft tissue mechanics, Application of biomechanics in orthopedics and rehabilitation, (608) 262-1902

Orthopedics and Rehabilitation

Profile Photo Thumb for Mario Trujillo

Mario F. Trujillo

Associate Professor

Also: Engineering Physics

Modeling and Simulation of two-phase flows including:i) Liquid sprays in a crossflow (desuperheating and Urea SCR applications), ii) Liquid breakup and particle advection dynamics, iii) Multiple droplet impingement heat transfer, vi) Two-phase flow heat transfer numerics, v) Computational characterization of plunging of liquid jets on a quiescent pool, iv..., (608) 262-0944

Engine Research Center

Profile Photo Thumb for Lih-sheng Turng

Lih-sheng Turng

Kuo K. and Cindy F. Wang Professor, Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor

Also: Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

Injection molding and innovative plastics manufacturing processes, bio-based polymers and tissue engineering scaffolds, microcellular injection molding (MuCell process), nanocomposites and electro-active polymers (EAP's), computer-aided engineering (CAE) and numerical simulation, design and process optimization, intelligent injection molding control, mate..., (608) 262-0586

Profile Photo Thumb for Michael Zinn

Michael R. Zinn

Associate Professor

Also: Biomedical Engineering

Minimally-invasive medical robotics, Haptics and haptic devices, Robotic actuation technology and controls, Human-centered robotics, (608) 263-2893


Lecturers and Faculty Associates

Profile Photo Thumb for Arganthael Berson

Arganthael Berson

Faculty Associate

Multiphase flow and flow at interfaces; Evaporation driven self-assembly; Advanced flow diagnostic techniques (PIV, hot-wire anemometry, high-speed microscopy ...); Energy systems (fuel cells, thermoacoustics, waste-heat recovery ...); Advanced manufacturing processes (inkjet printing of functional materials), (608) 890-4646

Profile Photo Thumb for Michael Cheadle

Michael Cheadle

Lecturer and Senior Design Program Coordinator

Cryogenics, Superconducting Power Transmission, Energy Systems, Hybrid Solar Lighting, (608) 890-3951

Profile Photo Thumb for Michael De-cicco

Michael De Cicco

Associate Lecturer

Profile Photo Thumb for Kristofer Dressler

Kristofer Dressler


Fluid Mechanics, Drag Reduction, Wall shear measurents, Two-phase and annular flow, Waves and wave mechanics, Geophysical fluid mechanics, (608) 265-2579

Profile Photo Thumb for Kim Manner

Kim Manner

Senior Lecturer

Geometric modeling, Computer-aided design, Senior Design, Mechanical dissection, Engineering graphics, (608) 262-4825

Profile Photo Thumb for Andrew Mikkelson

Andrew Mikkelson

Assistant Faculty Associate, (608) 890-4897

Profile Photo Thumb for Erick Oberstar

Erick L. Oberstar

P.E., Associate Faculty Associate, Mechatronics Lab Manager/Engineer

Integration of Electrical, Mechanical, Software, & Control Engineering disciplinesEmbedded Systems, Real-Time Controls, Instrumentation, Automation, Robotics, Control Algorithms, Signal Processing, Image Processing, Medical Physics, Computed Tomography, X-Ray Fluoroscopy, Night Vision, Algorithm Speedup, (608) 262-6446

Mechatronics Laboratory, Wisconsin Center for Space Automation and Robotics

Profile Photo Thumb for Jeffrey Roessler

Jeffrey Roessler


Distance Education, Computer-Aided-Design, Engineering Graphics, (608) 262-4815


Faculty Affiliates

Profile Photo Thumb for Matthew Allen

Matt Allen

Associate Professor

Also: Engineering Physics

Dynamics, vibrations and controls, micro/nano systems, uncertainty and stochastic systems, linear/nonlinear system identification, model reduction/substructuring, (608) 890-1619

Profile Photo Thumb for Riccardo Bonazza

Riccardo Bonazza


Also: Engineering Physics

Experimental fluid mechanics , impulsive, unsteady phenomena, shock tube applications, laser and X-ray imaging & measuring techniques, (608) 265-2337

Engineering Mechanics, Fusion Technology Institute, Nuclear Engineering

Profile Photo Thumb for Craig Clemons

Craig M. Clemons

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Understanding and optimizing the influences of constituent materials on the behavior of wood-polymer composites and cellulose nanocompositesDeveloping and optimizing composite preparation methodsRelating microstructure and morphology to composite behaviorUsing wood-polymer composite technology as a tool to restore damaged ecosystems and promote resource s..., (608) 231-9396

Forest Products Laboratory

Profile Photo Thumb for Michael Corradini

Michael L. Corradini

Wisconsin Distinguished Professor

Also: Engineering Physics, Engineering Physics

Multi-phase fluid mechanics and heat transfer, fission and fusion reactors, nuclear reactor safety, severe accident phenomena, power plant operation and design, energy policy, nuclear fuel cycle, (608) 263-1648

Engine Research Center, Fusion Technology Institute, Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, Nuclear Engineering, Wisconsin Energy Institute, University of Wisconsin Nuclear Reactor, Wisconsin Institute of Nuclear Systems (WINS), Wisconsin Shock Tube

Profile Photo Thumb for Daniel Kammer

Daniel C. Kammer


Also: Engineering Physics

Nonlinear systems, system identification and damage detection, structural dynamics and vibration, uncertainty quantification and propagation, substructuring of systems, experimental substructuring, (608) 262-5724

Center for Mathematical Science, Engineering Mechanics, Fusion Technology Institute

Profile Photo Thumb for Christopher Luzzio

Christopher Luzzio

Associate Professor

Mechanical Assistive DevicesHydrocephalus Shunt Valves, (608) 287-2093

Profile Photo Thumb for Douglas Reindl

Douglas T. Reindl


Also: Engineering Professional Development

Industrial refrigeration systems and technologies, safety and process safety management, refrigeration system modeling, advanced thermal storage technologies, energy, HVAC systems, (608) 262-6381

Industrial Refrigeration Consortium, HVAC and R Center, Thermal Storage Applications Research Center

Profile Photo Thumb for Raluca Scarlat

Raluca Scarlat

Assistant Professor

Also: Engineering Physics

Heat and mass transport, nuclear reactor safety, thermal-hydraulics, fluoride-salt cooled high temperature reactors (FHR), tritium transport and salt electrochemistry, salt freezing and overcooling transients, severe accident analysis, engineering ethics., (608) 890-4256

Profile Photo Thumb for James Schauer

James Jay Schauer


Also: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Environmental Chemistry and Technology, Chemical and Biological Engineering

I am interested in developing measurement and chemical characterization tools to quantitatively understand the origin and impacts of air pollution.  These tools are desgined to address the impacts of air pollution on human health, climate change and sensitive ecosystems, and to support the development of control strategies to mitigate the adverse eff..., (608) 262-4495

Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene

Profile Photo Thumb for Leslie Smith

Leslie M. Smith


Also: Engineering Physics

Statistical physics, turbulence and turbulence modeling for engineering and geophysical applications, applied mathematics, stability theory and fluid dynamics, field theoretical techniques, the dynamic renormalization group and universality in complex systems, (608) 262-3852



Emeritus Faculty

Profile Photo Thumb for Norman Beachley

Norman H. Beachley

Professor Emeritus

Mechanical design, mechanical energy storage, fluid power systems, continuously variable transmissions, automotive engineering, (608) 262-6142

Profile Photo Thumb for William Beckman

William A. Beckman

Ouweneel-Bascom Professor Emeritus

Solar energy applications, radiation heat transfer, systems analysis, computer simulation-solar processes, energy load calculation, (608) 263-1590

Solar Energy Laboratory

Profile Photo Thumb for John Bollinger

John G. Bollinger

John Bascom Professor Emeritus

Also: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Dynamic behavior of machine tool drive systems
Position control for automatic welding
Noise generation/noise control in product design
Machine tool structure control dynamics
Dynamic loads in gears
Environmental noise control
Digital computer control of machines and processes
Mini-computer and micro-processor systems des..., (608) 233-5404

Profile Photo Thumb for Marvin Devries

Marvin F. Devries

Professor Emeritus

Metal-cutting processes, computer-integrated manufacturing, manufacturing systems, (608) 262-2557

Profile Photo Thumb for Neil Duffie

Neil Duffie

Professor Emeritus

Also: Engineering Professional Development

Robotics, computer control, manufacturing systems, manufacturing logistics, computer-integrated manufacturing, (608) 262-9457

Master of Engineering in Engine Systems

Profile Photo Thumb for Patrick Farrell

Patrick V. Farrell

Professor Emeritus

Fluid mechanics, optical diagnostics, combustion, heat transfer,

Computer-aided Engineering, Engine Research Center

Profile Photo Thumb for David Foster

David E. Foster

Phil and Jean Myers Professor

Thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, internal combustion engines, combustion kinetics, emission formation, optical diagnostics in engines, (608) 263-1617

Engine Research Center

Profile Photo Thumb for Frank Fronczak

Frank Fronczak

Professor Emeritus

Also: Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical equipment design, hydraulics, fluid power systems, machine design, product design, rehabilitative and assistive technology, (608) 262-1993

Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program

Profile Photo Thumb for Kent Hobson

Kent Hobson

Adjunct Assistant Professor Emeritus

Computer graphics, geometric modeling, computer-aided design, architectural and engineering graphics, (608) 263-2893

Profile Photo Thumb for Sanford Klein

Sanford Klein

Ouweneel-Bascom Professor

Solar energy applications, thermodynamics, heat transfer, conservation, simulation methods, educational software, sorption processes, (608) 263-5626

Solar Energy Laboratory

Profile Photo Thumb for Edward Lovell

Edward G. Lovell

Professor Emeritus

Structural mechanics, stress analysis , pressure vessels, thermal stresses, micromechanical sensors, buckling, vibrations, (608) 262-0944

Computational Mechanics Center, Wisconsin Center for Applied Microelectronics

Profile Photo Thumb for Vladimir Lumelsky

Vladimir J. Lumelsky

Professor Emeritus

Pattern recognition, computer vision, Kinematics, dynamics, Control theory, industrial automation, Sensor-based intelligent systems, Human spatial reasoning, human-robot interaction, Navigation, localization, and positioning, Robotics, (202) 483-5696

Profile Photo Thumb for Jay Martin

Jay Martin

Professor Emeritus

Also: Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science Program

Research, Design, and Product Development - Assistive Technology, Access to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education and Careers for Individuals with Disabilities, Formative Assessment Methods for Engineering Learning, (608) 263-9460

Center for Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology

Profile Photo Thumb for Wayne Milestone

Wayne D. Milestone

Professor Emeritus

Mechanical design, machine design, innovation and creativity, stress & fatigue analysis, fretting-fatigue, fasteners, hybrid and hybrid electric vehicles, (608) 262-0023

Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program

Profile Photo Thumb for John Mitchell

John W. Mitchell

Elmer R. and Janet A. Kaiser Professor Emeritus

Convective heat transfer, solar energy applications, energy utilization, bulding HVAC systems, (608) 262-5972

Solar Energy Laboratory

Profile Photo Thumb for Glen Myers

Glen E. Myers

Professor Emeritus

Conduction heat transfer, numerical methods (finite differences, finite elements), thermodynamics, (608) 262-0225

Profile Photo Thumb for David Otis

David R. Otis

Professor Emeritus

Energy storage, heat transfer, fluid dynami, (608) 262-3591

Profile Photo Thumb for Kenneth Ragland

Kenneth W. Ragland

Professor Emeritus

Fluid dynamics, combustion processes, bioenergy, air pollution control, (608) 263-3231

Profile Photo Thumb for Rolf Reitz

Rolf Reitz

Wisconsin Distinguished Professor

Also: College of Engineering, Engineering Professional Development

Combustion, gas dynamics, sprays-motion & formation, hydrocarbon kinetics, engine fluid dynamics, computer modeling, (608) 262-0145

Profile Photo Thumb for John Uicker

John J. Uicker

Professor Emeritus

Kinematics, mechanical system dynamics, solid modeling, simulation of solidification in metal castings, simulation of multi-body dynamic systems, (608) 262-0225



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