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Instructional Staff

Thomas Yen
Instrumentation Innovator-Instructor

Also: Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering

Ergonomics; Human Factors Engineering; Biomedical Engineering; Occupational Biomechanics; Rehabilitation Engineering; Telerobotic control interfaces, Product/User Interface Design, Medical Instrumentation. Dr. Yen is involve in all aspects of the teaching and research programs in the Industrial and Systems Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Department..., (608) 263-6803


Support Staff

Sheri Hanley
University Services Program Associate

Joshua Jankowski

Also: Computer-aided Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, (608) 262-6240

Carol Anne Krueger
Academic Department Supervisor, (608) 262-9660

Pamela Peterson
Student Services Coordinator / College of Engineering

Denise Roberts
Accountant/Research Administrator, (608) 265-4664

Lori Snyder
Payroll and Benefit Specialist, (608) 890-3851

Deidre Vincevineus
Student Status Examiner Senior/Graduate Coordinator


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