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Vicki M. Bier
Professor and Chair

Also: Engineering Physics

Security in the supply chains for food and agricultural products, critical infrastructure protection, security, technology hazards, risk analysis, decision analysis, operations research, (608) 262-2064

Center for Human Performance and Risk Analysis


ISyE Professors

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Oguzhan Alagoz
Associate Professor

Operations research, stochastic optimization, medical decision making, completely and partially observable Markov decision processes, simulation, scheduling, health-care applications, health-technology assessment, (608) 890-0399

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Vicki M. Bier
Professor and Chair

Also: Engineering Physics

Security in the supply chains for food and agricultural products, critical infrastructure protection, security, technology hazards, risk analysis, decision analysis, operations research, (608) 262-2064

Center for Human Performance and Risk Analysis

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Patricia Flatley Brennan
Moehlman Bascom Professor

Health informatics, community health, information systems, computer-mediated clinical practice, health services research, (608) 263-1315

School of Library and Information Studies, School of Nursing, University of Wisconsin Clinical Science Center

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Pascale Carayon
Procter & Gamble Bascom Professor in Total Quality

Also: Biomedical Engineering

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Ananth Krishnamurthy
Associate Professor

Prof Ananth Krishnamurthy's research targets the development and state-of-the-art application of performance modeling techniques in the design and analysis of manufacturing systems and supply chains. Topics of interest include production inventory systems, assembly operations, product variety and customization, material handling and warehouse systems, lea..., (608) 890-2236

Center for Quick Response Manufacturing, Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program

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John D. Lee
Emerson Electric Quality & Productivity Professor

Cognitive engineering, Interface design, Trust in automation, Human adaptation to technology, Modeling human behavior, (608) 890-3168

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Jingshan Li
Associate Professor

Modeling, analysis, design, control and continuous improvement of production and health care systems, (608) 890-3780

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Jeffrey T. Linderoth

Also: Computer Sciences

 High Performance and Grid Computing, Numerical Optimization: Integer programming and Stochastic programming, (608) 890-1931

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Kaibo Liu
Assistant Professor

System Informatics and Data Analytics for Quality Improvement, Data Fusion for Process Modeling, Monitoring, Diagnosis and Prognostics, Statistical Learning and Data Mining, Statistical Process Control,  I am always looking for collaboration opportunities in multidisciplinary research with academic and industry researchers.&n..., (608) 890-3546

Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program

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James Luedtke
Associate Professor

Also: Computer Sciences

Stochastic optimization, especially optimization with risk constraints, Mixed integer optimization, linear and nonlinear, Applications of optimization, (608) 890-2560

Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

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Laura A McLay
Associate Professor, (608) 262-3002

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Robert G. Radwin

Also: Biomedical Engineering

Occupational ergonomics and biomechanics, Biomechanics of muscle and tendon disorders, Primary and secondary prevention of repetitive motion injuries, Ergonomic design of manually operated products, hand tools and equipment, Evaluation of risk for work related musculoskeletal disorders in manual work, Medical surveillance for carpal tunnel syndrome and up..., (608) 263-6596

Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, Trace Research and Development Center

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Leyuan Shi

Simulation modeling, large-scale optimization, supply chain optimization, production planning and scheduling, (608) 265-5969

Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program

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Gregg C. Vanderheiden

Also: Biomedical Engineering

Ergonomics, mobile computing, computer interface design, rehabilitation engineering, computer access for people with disabilities, accessible design of mass market products, design of next-generation information and transaction systems, human augmentation, modality translation, cloud computing in e-inclusion, inclusive design, (608) 263-5788

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Dharmaraj ("Raj") Veeramani
Robert Ratner Chair Professor; Exec. Director, UW E-Business Consortium and UW E-Business Institute

Also: Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Supply chain management and optimization, RFID/AIDC (automatic identification and data capture) systems and applications, E-business technologies and strategies , Quick response quoting and manufacturing, (608) 262-0861

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Douglas A. Wiegmann
Associate Professor

Cognitive Systems Engineering, System Safety, Accident Investigation, Human Error Analysis, Aviation, Healthcare, (608) 890-1932

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Shiyu Zhou

Modeling and analysis of the variation propagation and other in-process sensing data in complex manufacturing processes., In-process quality and productivity improvement: diagnosis of complicated manufacturing processes using sensor fusion, feature extraction, and pattern recognition based on engineering field knowledge., Fast calibration and active compe..., (608) 262-9534

Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program


Affiliate Appointments

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Barbara Bowers
Associate Dean

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Elizabeth S. Burnside
Professor, (608) 265-2021

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Molly Carnes
Professor, (608) 263-9770

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Christopher J Crnich
Assistant Professor

Dr. Crnich’s research has utilized data collected from a prospective cohort study to better understand the transmission dynamics of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and fluoroquinolone-resistant Escherichia coli in Wisconsin nursing homes, elucidate the factors associated with acqu..., (608) 262-4558

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Gregory A. DeCroix
Professor, (608) 265-6083

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Michael C. Ferris

Also: Computer Sciences

Mathematical programming, modeling and applications of operations research, complementarity problems, radiation therapy planning, numerical algorithms, 6082624281OR2621204

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Caprice C. Greenberg
Associate Professor, 6082637309OR6082636396

School of Medicine and Public Health, Surgery

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Christos T. Maravelias
Associate Professor

Also: Chemical and Biological Engineering

Chemical production planning and scheduling, Optimization methods for process synthesis, Supply chain management, Computational methods for novel material discovery, Assessmsent of biomass-to-fuels/chemicals strategies, (608) 265-9026

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Eneida A. Mendonca
Associate Professor, (608) 263-6797

School of Medicine and Public Health

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Bilge Mutlu
Assistant Professor

Also: Computer Sciences

Human-computer interaction (HCI), specifically human-robot interaction, assistive, educational, and therapeutic use of humanlike robots and agents, modeling of human social behavior, activity recognition, and mobile and ubiquitous computing., (608) 262-6635

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David A. Noyce

Also: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Advanced Traffic Operations, Automated Detection and Classification of Pedestrians and Bicycles, Pedestrian Push Button Timing, Accessible Pedestrian Signals, Driver Behavior and Driving Simulation, Safety Impacts of Guardrail on Low Volume Roadways, Red Light Running, Centerline Rumble Strips, Protected/Permissive Left-turn Displays and Operations, (608) 265-1882

Institute on Aging, Midwest Regional University Transportation Center, Transportation Engineering and City Planning Program, Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory

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Peter Qian

Big Data, Uncertainty Quantification, Design of Experiments, Search engine optimization, (608) 262-2537


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Dhavan V. Shah
Professor, (608) 262-0388

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Linsey Steege
Assistant Professor

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Stephen J. Wright

Also: Computer Sciences

Optimization and its Applications in all areas of Science and Engineering., (608) 262-4838

Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery


Emeritus Professors

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John G. Bollinger
John Bascom Professor Emeritus

Also: Mechanical Engineering

Dynamic behavior of machine tool drive systems
Position control for automatic welding
Noise generation/noise control in product design
Machine tool structure control dynamics
Dynamic loads in gears
Environmental noise control
Digital computer control of machines and processes
Mini-computer and micro-processor systems des..., (608) 233-5404

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Dennis G. Fryback
Professor Emeritus

Measuring population health, Measuring health outcomes, Bayesian statistics applied to uncertainty analysis in complex models, Cost-effectiveness evaluation in health care, Simulation modeling in health care systems , (608) 262-5997

Population Health Sciences, Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis, University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center

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David H. Gustafson
Emeritus Research Professor

Integration of decision, change and information theory to develop, test and disseminate information technology to improve health and to use the research results to develop tools to support organizational problem solving and change, (608) 263-4882

Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research, Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis, Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement

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William G. Reddan
Associate Professor Emeritus

Itercollegiate athletics, ergonomics, stress, pulmonary physiology, work environ, aging,

School of Medicine and Public Health

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Stephen M. Robinson
Professor Emeritus

Also: Computer Sciences

Variational analysis and optimization, Quantitative methods in managerial economics, Methods to support decision under uncertainty, (608) 263-6862

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Jerry L. Sanders
Professor Emeritus

Automatic Assembly Systems, stochastic processes, flame cutting layout procedures, production systems,

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Michael J. Smith
Professor Emeritus

Human factors and ergonomics, occupational safety, job-related stress, work organization design and management, job design, (608) 263-6329

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Harold J. Steudel
Professor Emeritus

Development of statistical modeling, analysis and management techniques for the design and improvement of manufacturing systems such areas as the design, evaluation and management of continuous flow/cellular manufacturing systems for just-in-time (JIT) operations., Design and implementation of quality management systems in health care and manufacturing or..., (608) 262-9927

Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program

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Rajan Suri
Professor Emeritus

Lead time reduction and quick response manufacturing, POLCA and other alternatives to Kanban for material control, queuing network models for manufacturing systems analysi, (608) 262-0921

Center for Quick Response Manufacturing

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Arne Thesen
Professor Emeritus

Selective assembly, manufacturing systems, simulation, heuristic optimization

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David R. Zimmerman
Professor Emeritus

Health systems, health services research, evaluation of quality of long term care, outcome measurement, decision support systems, human resource management, (608) 263-4875

Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis


Senior Lecturer

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Terry Mann
Senior Lecturer


Honorary Affiliates

Profile Photo Thumb for John Beasley

John Beasley
Professor Emeritus, (608) 263-7373

School of Medicine and Public Health

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Dariusz (Derek) Ceglarek
Honorary Associate

Design and manufacturing with an emphasis on multistage production systems convertibility, scalability, and diagnosability, ramp-up time, and variation reductions, Integration of statistical and evolutionary computational methods with engineering models for system diagnosability and self-healing analysis, Sensing systems/networks in manufacturing, Reconfi..., +4402476572681

Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement, Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program

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Tosha Wetterneck

Health information technology design, implementation and use and the impact on clinicians and patient outcomes, The basic science of Primary Care, Medication safety, (608) 890-2110

Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement



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