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John Booske

Duane H. and Dorothy M. Bluemke Professor, Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor

Also: Materials Science and Engineering

Plasmas, metamaterials, metasurfaces and media that have a strong interaction with electromagnetic radiation, especially in the rf-to-microwave-to-terahertz frequency regimes. , electromagnetic field effects: how do pulsed electric fields affect biological cells? How do electric fields affect materials' chemistry or cell metabolism? How do microwaves..., (608) 890-0804




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Mark C. Allie

Faculty Associate

Also: College of Engineering

Active Sound and Vibration Control.Sound Systems.Speaker System Design., (608) 262-3618

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David Anderson

Jim and Anne Sorden Professor

Plasmas and controlled fusion, electromagnetic fields and waves, magnet design, plasma transport and heating in torodial systems, (608) 262-0172

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B Ross Barmish


    Modelling of Financial Markets, Computational Finance, Algorithmic Trading Systems, Optimization and Convexity, Applied Probability, Computational Complexity, Robustness of Systems, Feedback Control Systems, Applied Mathematics, Uncertain Dynamical Systems,

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Nader Behdad

Associate Professor

Mechanically-Tunable Antennas and Periodic Structures
Origami electromagnetic structures, Foldable electromagnetic devices, Using stretching, deformation, or flexure to design reconfirugrable antennas, metamaterials, phased-arrays, and periodic structures.
 , , Microwave Periodic Structures and MetamaterialsMetamaterials for high-power micr..., (608) 262-8804

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Nigel Boston


Also: College of Engineering, Computer Sciences

Cryptography, Coding theory, Biometrics, Digital watermarking, Applications of algebra to EE, CS, and Math Dept., (608) 265-3817

Computational Sciences Cluster, Mathematics, UW ECE Face Recognition Group

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Dan Botez

Philip Dunham Reed Professor

Also: Materials Science and Engineering

High-power, spatially coherent semiconductor lasers, Photonic Crystal semiconductor lasers for high coherent-power generation, Quantum Cascade lasers, (608) 265-4643

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Azadeh Davoodi

Associate Professor

Electronic Design Automation of Integrated Circuits for advanced manufacturing technology nodes and new devices, New algorithmic techniques for optimizing timing, power, and manufacturability of Integrated Circuits, Automation of Post-Silicon debug of Integrated Circuits, Hardware security and secure Electronic Design Automation, Design Automation of Thin..., (608) 265-1145

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Christopher DeMarco

Grainger Professor of Power Engineering

Computational complexity in computer-aided control analysis, nonlinear dynamics, electric power system stability, control systems, power systems, (608) 262-5546

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Steven Fredette

Faculty Associate

Power electronics hardware and control, Electric machines and control, Alternative energy such as wind and solar, (608) 609-7911

Profile Photo Thumb for John Gubner

John A. Gubner


Ultra-wideband communications, point processes and shot noise, subspace methods in statistical signal processing, information theory., (608) 263-1471

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Susan C. Hagness

Philip Dunham Reed Professor

Also: Biomedical Engineering

Bioelectromagnetics, computational electromagnetics, dielectric spectroscopy, FDTD theory and applications, including multi-physics solvers, microwave diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for biological and medical applications, microwave inverse scattering, nanoelectromagnetics, wideband and multi-band antennas, ultrawideband microwave breast imaging, S..., (608) 265-5739

University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center

Profile Photo Thumb for William Hitchon

William Hitchon


Also: Materials Science and Engineering

Plasma processing, computational modeling, semiconductors, (608) 262-2501

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Yu-hen Hu


Design and implementation of signal processing algorithms, Computer aided design and physical design of VLSI,, Applications of pattern classification and machine learning algorithms to signal processing, Image and video signal processing: 3D vision processing, multiview image and videos, , Wireless sensor network, internet of things and distributive ..., (608) 262-6724

Computer Sciences

Profile Photo Thumb for Thomas Jahns

Thomas M. Jahns

Grainger Professor of Power Electronics and Electrical Machines

Power electronics, electric machines and actuators, adjustable-speed drives, brushless motor drives and generators, automotive and aerospace electric systems, (608) 262-5702

Profile Photo Thumb for Hongrui Jiang

Hongrui Jiang

Lynn H. Matthias Professor in Engineering & Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor

Also: Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

MicroElectroMechanical System, Microsensors and microactuators, BioMEMS and micro-optics, Microfluidics, Lab on chips, Biomimetics and bioinspiration, (608) 265-9418

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Mikhail Kats

Assistant Professor

Also: Materials Science and Engineering

Optics and photonics; plasmonics; optoelectronics; light harvesting; device physics; nanoscale science. For detailed information please see my Extended Homepage (, (608) 890-3984

Profile Photo Thumb for Irena Knezevic

Irena Knezevic


Also: Materials Science and Engineering

Quantum and semiclassical electronic transport in semiconductor nanostructures, Heat transport at the nanoscale. Nanostructured thermoelectrics, Decoherence and relaxation in nanostructures; transient and high-frequency phenomena, Multiphysics simulation (self-consistent coupling of electronic+electromagnetic+thermal phenomena), Nanophotonics, nanoplasmon..., (608) 890-3383


Profile Photo Thumb for Joe Krachey

Joe Krachey

Faculty Associate

Embedded Systems Design I am not currently involved in research., (608) 265-9007

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Bernard Lesieutre

Professor, (608) 890-1883

Profile Photo Thumb for Laurent Lessard

Laurent Lessard

Assistant Professor

Also: Computer Sciences

Control theory, large scale/decentralized systems, nonlinear/robust control, optimization, (608) 890-2635

Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

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Jing Li

Assistant Professor

Also: College of Engineering

Her general research interest is developing new computing paradigm, driven either by technologies (from bottom-up) or by workloads (from top-down) or by both. Her primary area of interests is "everything about memory" with a strong emphasis on “design for transformation” rather than “design ..., (608) 890-3975

Profile Photo Thumb for Mikko Lipasti

Mikko H. Lipasti

Philip Dunham Reed Professor

Projects include: reliable and power-efficient processors and systems, reverse-engineering the human neocortex, Electrical and Nanophotonic On-chip Interconnection Networks, Commercial Workload Development and Characterization, (608) 265-2639

Profile Photo Thumb for Daniel Ludois

Daniel Ludois

Assistant Professor

Also: Engineering Physics

Power electronics, Electric machines, Non-contact power transfer, Sustainable engineering technologies and practices, 262-8211

Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium

Profile Photo Thumb for Zhenqiang Ma

Zhenqiang "Jack" Ma

Lynn H. Matthias Professor in Engineering & Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor

Also: Engineering Physics, Materials Science and Engineering

High-speed RF devices and circuits, optoelectronic devices and nanophotonics, Semiconductor materials processing and heterogeneous integration, Flexible electronics, flexible optoelectronics and flexible photonics, Energy conversion semiconductor devices, Bioelectronics and biomimetics, Semiconductor device physics, Power electronics, (608) 261-1095

Profile Photo Thumb for Luke Mawst

Luke Mawst


Also: Materials Science and Engineering

Semiconductor lasers, metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) growth of semiconductors, III/V compound semiconductor materials and devices, (608) 263-1705

Profile Photo Thumb for Paul Milenkovic

Paul Milenkovic

Associate Professor

Digital signal processing, acoustic analysis of speech, speech synthes, (608) 262-3892

Profile Photo Thumb for Srdjan Milicic

Srdjan Milicic

Faculty Associate

Solid state semiconductor devices; Clean room semiconductor processing;, (608) 890-1455

Profile Photo Thumb for Katherine Morrow

Katherine Morrow

Associate Professor

Reconfigurable computer architectures, automated design for reconfigurable computing, operating system support for heterogeneous computing, systems-on-a-chip (SoCs), VLSI computer aided design, (608) 265-3917

Profile Photo Thumb for Michael Morrow

Michael Morrow

Faculty Associate

Embedded systems. real-time digital signal processing, (608) 890-0805

Profile Photo Thumb for Robert Nowak

Robert Nowak

McFarland-Bascom Professor in Engineering

Also: Biomedical Engineering, Computer Sciences

Signal and information processing, machine learning, optimization and statistics, (608) 265-3914

Profile Photo Thumb for Parameswaran Ramanathan

Parameswaran Ramanathan

Professor, Vice Chair of Infrastructure

Also: Computer Sciences

Wireless and Wireline Networks, Mobile Computing, Real-time Systems, Fault-tolerant Computing, Parallel Processing, Distributed Systems, (608) 263-0557

Genome Sciences Training Program

Profile Photo Thumb for Akbar Sayeed

Akbar M. Sayeed


Wireless communication and sensing, multipath propagation channels, communication and information theory, signal processing, time-frequency analysis, applications and technology transfer, (608) 265-4731

Profile Photo Thumb for William Sethares

William A. Sethares


Signal processing with applications in acoustics, image processing, communications, and optimization., (608) 262-5669

Profile Photo Thumb for J- Shohet

J. Leon Shohet


Also: Materials Science and Engineering

Plasma-aided manufacturing, controlled fusion, nonlinear science, effects of vacuum ultraviolet radiation on the processing of electronic materials, biotechnology, especially biomaterials and directed differentiation of stem cells, (608) 262-1191

Profile Photo Thumb for Daniel Van-der-weide

Daniel van der Weide


Also: Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

Multifunctional scanned probe microscopy, Localized spectroscopy of biological and low-dimensional electronic systems, Terahertz circuits and devices, (608) 265-6561

Profile Photo Thumb for Barry VanVeen

Barry D. Van Veen

Lynn H. Matthias Professor

Also: Biomedical Engineering

Statistical signal processing algorithm development and analysis, signal processing for sensor arrays, biomedical applications of signal processing, signal processing for study of brain networks from electric and magnetic field measurements, signal processing for microwave breast cancer detection, monitoring, and treatment, (608) 265-2488

Profile Photo Thumb for Giri Venkataramanan

Giri Venkataramanan


Electrical power conversion, AC power flow control, design of power converters, distributed generation, power converter architecture, power converter packaging, (608) 262-4479

Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium

Profile Photo Thumb for Amy Wendt

Amy Wendt


Also: Materials Science and Engineering

Plasma processing of materials, thin-film deposition, plasma etching, plasma source design, modeling and diagnostics, plasma-aided manufacturing, plasma generation, plasma-surface interaction, (608) 262-8407

Profile Photo Thumb for Rebecca Willett

Rebecca Willett

Associate Professor

Also: College of Engineering, Computer Sciences

Signal Processing, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Optimization, Point Processes, High-dimensional Statistics,

Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

Profile Photo Thumb for Zongfu Yu

Zongfu Yu

Assistant Professor

Also: Materials Science and Engineering

Optics at small scale. Optical technologies for energy conversion, imaging/sensing, communication.1.Photon management for energy conversion: primary interest is to study new mechanisms to improve energy conversion efficiency.2.Semiconductor photonics: the integration of nanophotonics with semiconductors for advanced optoelectronic devices, specifically an..., (608) 263-1643

Profile Photo Thumb for Xinyu Zhang

Xinyu Zhang

Assistant Professor

Also: College of Engineering

Wireless networking, Mobile systems and applications, MAC/PHY cross-layer design, Software radio, Network modeling, analysis and optimization,



Profile Photo Thumb for Suman Banerjee

Suman Banerjee

Associate Professor (Affiliate)

Networking and Distributed Systems, protocols, algorithms and architectures of such systems, peer-to-peer systems, multicast services, network security, services for mobile and wireless networks and network measurements, (608) 262-7387

Profile Photo Thumb for Mark Hill

Mark D. Hill


Also: Computer Sciences

Computer architecture, performance evaluation, computer memory system design, parallel computin, (608) 262-2196

Profile Photo Thumb for Dan Negrut

Dan Negrut

Vilas Associate Professor

Also: Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

Software/Hardware Aspects Related to High Performance Computing in Engineering and Science,

Multi-physics Computer Modeling and Simulation,

Computational Multibody Dynamics,

Graphics and Visualization, Simulation-Based Engineering Lab, (608) 890-0914

Profile Photo Thumb for Scott Sanders

Scott Sanders


Also: Mechanical Engineering

Swept-wavelength sources, advanced spectrometers, hyperspectral imaging, optical sensors, piston and aeropropulsion engines, (608) 262-3540

Engine Research Center

Profile Photo Thumb for Karthikeyan Sankaralingam

Karthikeyan Sankaralingam

Assistant Professor

Also: Computer Sciences, (608) 890-0121

Profile Photo Thumb for Bulent Sarlioglu

Bulent Sarlioglu

Assistant Professor

Also: Engineering Professional Development

Electric machines, drives, power electronics, Electric actuation systems, Automotive, aerospace, naval and renewable energy applications, Complex and interdisciplinary power system architecture, (608) 262-2703

Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium, Wisconsin Energy Institute

Profile Photo Thumb for Gurindar Sohi

Gurindar S. Sohi


Also: Computer Sciences

Computer architecture, non-numeric processing, VLSI design, parallel processin, (608) 262-7985

Profile Photo Thumb for Tomy Varghese

Tomy Varghese


Also: Biomedical Engineering

Elastography, In-vivo strain imaging, Signal & Image Processing Applications in Medical Imaging, Ultrasound Tissue Characterization, (608) 265-8797

Profile Photo Thumb for David Wood

David Wood


Also: Computer Sciences

We have also developed a new memory system simulation method that optimizes the common case---cache hits---significantly reducing simulation time. Fast-Cache tightly integrates reference generation and simulation by providing the abstraction of tagged memory blocks: each reference invokes a user-specified function depending upon the reference type and mem..., (608) 263-7463


Emeritus Faculty

Profile Photo Thumb for James Bucklew

James A. Bucklew


Simulation of communication systems and networks, rare event simulation, digital and wireless communication systems, (608) 262-3760

Profile Photo Thumb for Daniel Cobb

Daniel Cobb

Associate Professor Emeritus

Analog and digital control theory, robust control of high bandwidth systems, singular perturbation theory, singular dynamical systems,

Profile Photo Thumb for Robert Lasseter

Robert H. Lasseter

Emeritus Professor

Distributed resources, Restructuring of electrical power system, Application of power electronics to utility systems, Simulation methods, Power electronic circuits and control, HVDC, SVC, FACTS and custom power applications, (608) 262-0186

Profile Photo Thumb for Thomas Lipo

Thomas Lipo

Grainger Professor of Power Electronics and Electrical Machines Emeritus

Power electronics, adjustable speed drives, ac motor drive systems, electric machines, (608) 262-0287

Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium

Profile Photo Thumb for Leon Mccaughan

Leon McCaughan


Also: Materials Science Program

Fiber optic mesh networks, Clinical applications of guided wave photonics, Far-infrared (terahertz) generation and spectroscopy, Applications of quantum optics, Guided wave photonic devices and circuits, Nonlinear optics materials and device, (608) 262-0311

Profile Photo Thumb for Donald Novotny

Donald W. Novotny

Emeritus Professor

Magnetic systems design, machine control concepts, power electronics, electrical machines, motor drives, (608) 262-6926

Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium

Profile Photo Thumb for Kewal Saluja

Kewal Saluja

Professor Emeritus

Also: Computer Sciences

Design for testability, Built-in self-test, Computer architecture, VLSI design and testing, Fault-tolerant computing, (608) 262-6490

Profile Photo Thumb for John Scharer

John E. Scharer

Professor Emeritus

Electromagnetic wave propagation and antennas for communications, Free-electron and excimer lasers, Microwave and millimeter wave amplifiers, Computer simulation of and experiments on plasma waves and radiofrequency plasma sources for materials processing, Radiofrequency wave antenna coupling, heating and current drive in fusion plasmas, (608) 263-1614

Profile Photo Thumb for James Smith

James E. Smith

Emeritus Professor

Computer Architecture, High performance processor and system implementations, Virtual machines, Power effecient processors, (608) 265-5737

Profile Photo Thumb for Ronald Vernon

Ronald J. Vernon

Emeritus Professor

Semiconductor physics, interaction of microwaves with materials, propagation in anisotropic media, antennas, Vlasov converters, high-power microwave transmission and modeconversion systems, electromagnetic fields and waves, microwaves, (608) 262-0774



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