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Department Chair

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David Noyce

Professor and Department Chair

Also: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Advanced Traffic Operations, Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication Technology, Transportation and Construction Safety, Pedestrian and Bicycle Operations and Safety, Driver Behavior and Driving Simulation, Protected/Permissive Left-turn Displays and Operations, Transportation and Building Construction Productivity, Schedule Compres..., (608) 265-1882

Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory




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Teresa M. Adams

Professor,Chair, Transportation Management and Policy Program Director, National Center for Freight

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Soyoung Ahn

Associate Professor

Traffic Flow Analysis and Modeling
Traffic Control
Effects of Traffic Flow on Environment
Applications of Intelligent Transportation Systems, (608) 265-9067

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Hussain Bahia

Vilas Distinguished Professor

To view a list of publications and current research, please see, (608) 265-4481

Modified Asphalt Research Center

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Craig H. Benson

Wisconsin Distinguished Professor

Also: Geological Engineering

 geoenvironmental engineering,  sustainable infrastructure,  engineering for sustainability & life cycle analysis,  beneficial use of industrial byproducts,  recycled materials,  geothermal energy,  barrier systems,  ..., (608) 262-7242

Office of Sustainability

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Paul Block

Assistant Professor

Also: Limnology and Marine Science

- Methods, models, and tools for managing climate variability and change- Hydrologic forecasting and integration into decision models- Addressing water quality and quantity extremes- Hydro-economics and policy mechanisms- Risk, reliability, and uncertainty- Sustainable approaches, (608) 263-8792

Center for Climatic Research, Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

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Steven Cramer

Vice-Provost for Teaching and Learning and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Also: Materials Science and Engineering

Structural engineering, wood structures, concrete materials, (608) 262-5246

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Dante Fratta

Associate Professor

Also: Geological Engineering

Fundamental physical behavior of soils and rocks, Assessment of the near-surface underground using non-invasive tomographic studies (geotomography), On-shore and off-shore near surface geophysics, Non-destructive detection of anomalies in civil engineering infrastructure, Study of low strain stiffness in rock masses and soils with P- and S-waves, Geomater..., (608) 265-5644

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Matthew Ginder-Vogel

Assistant Professor

Also: Environmental Chemistry and Technology, Geological Engineering, Limnology and Marine Science

Our research focuses on connecting macro-scale environmental problems with the causative micro- and molecular-scale mechanisms. A large portion of this research has been devoted to determining reactions controlling the fate of the metal(loid) ions chromium, technetium, uranium, and arsenic, and of nutrients/contaminants, such as carbon, nitrate and ..., (608) 262-0768

Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Center

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Awad Hanna


Also: College of Engineering

Construction  productivity measurement and management of human resources, Intergrated Project Delivery and Lean Construction, Change Mangement and Cumulative Impact of Change Orders, Risk Management and Proper Allocation of Risks, Mathematical Modeling for Decision Making, Project Control and Eraned Value Analysis, Electrical, Mechanical, and Sheet M..., (608) 263-8903

Construction Engineering and Management Program

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Gregory Harrington


Also: Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Environmental engineering, aquatic chemistry in treatment and distribution of drinking water, removal and inactivation of waterborne pathogens and other microbes during drinking water treatment and distribution, mathematical modeling, (608) 695-3380

Wisconsin Consortium for Applied Water Quality Research

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Brock Hedegaard

Assistant Professor

Time-dependent behavior of concrete, Post-tensioned concrete structures, Structural monitoring, Multiscale modeling, (608) 890-3276

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Andrea Hicks

Assistant Professor

-Sustainability-Environmental systems analysis and optimization-Life cycle assessment-Agent-based modeling-Rebound effect-Environmental implications of technology,

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James P. Hurley

Associate Professor and Director, Aquatic Sciences Center

Also: Environmental Chemistry and Technology, Limnology and Marine Science

Chemical limnology, mercury in the environment, natural organic matter, nutrient cycling in lakes and rivers, Great Lakes research, bioaccumulation of toxic contaminants, chemical interactions at the sediment-water interfac, (608) 262-0905

Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene

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William Likos


Also: Geological Engineering

Unsaturated soil mechanics, Expansive clay behavior and applications, Laboratory characterization of soil mechanical, hydraulic, and thermal behavior, Pore-scale imaging and analysis, Field monitoring and instrumentation, Beneficial reuse of recycled materials, industrial by-products, (608) 890-2662

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Steven P Loheide

Associate Professor

Also: Geological Engineering, Limnology and Marine Science

Hydroecology/ ecohydrology, hydrogeology, river restoration, remote sensing, hydrologic consequences of climate change, vegetative water use / vegetation patterning, sustainable land-use practices, stream-aquifer interactions, ecosystem function / services, human interaction with aquatic ecosystems, (608) 265-5277

Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

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Katherine McMahon


Also: College of Engineering, Environmental Chemistry and Technology, Limnology and Marine Science

>>>>>>Research in the McMahon Lab <<<<<<Note that the best way to learn about our research is to read our most recent publications (click on "Extended Webpage" above).>>>>>>Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal <<<<<..., (608) 890-2836

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Daniel Noguera

Wisconsin Distinguished Professor

Also: Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Environmental engineering, bioenergy, biotechnology, microbial ecology, biological nutrient removal, bioinformatics, biodegradation pathways., (608) 263-7783

Wisconsin Consortium for Applied Water Quality Research

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Jae Park


Biological wastewater treatment, biological nutrient removal, drinking water treatment plant design and optimization, fate of contaminants in environment, hazardous and industrial waste treatment, river restoration, waste reuse and recycling, and water quality modeling., (608) 262-7247

Wisconsin Consortium for Applied Water Quality Research

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Gustavo Parra-Montesinos

C.K. Wang Professor of Structural Engineering

Behavior and design of reinforced concrete and composite steel-concrete structures, Fiber reinforced concrete, Earthquake engineering, (608) 890-4960

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Jose A. Pincheira

Associate Professor

Professor Pincheira's main research interest lies in the behavior of modern and older reinforced concrete buildings subjected to earthquakes.  His research involves a blend of both laboratory testing and nonlinear modeling of structural systems.  Examples of projects in this area include: shake-table tests of steel fiber-reinforced concrete wall..., (608) 262-7239

Structures and Materials Testing Laboratory, Wisconsin Structures and Materials Testing Laboratory

Profile Photo Thumb for Bin Ran

Bin Ran


Intelligent Transportation SystemsIntelligent Highway, Real-Time Performance Measure & Evaluation, , Dynamic Transportation Network & Flow ModelsDynamic Traffic Prediction, Traffic Simulation and Control, 3rd/4th Generations of Traffic Models & Theories, , Cellular Probe Technologies and Modeling3G/4G Cellular Probe Modeling , Traffic Sta..., (608) 262-0052

Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory

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Christy Remucal

Assistant Professor

Also: Environmental Chemistry and Technology, Limnology and Marine Science

Dr. Remucal’s Aquatic Chemistry research group focuses on the formation and fate of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in water.  We are particularly interested in ROS generated by photochemical reactions and metal redox cycling.  By studying these fundamental reaction mechanisms, our group aims to develop models and ..., (608) 262-1820

Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Center

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James Jay Schauer


Also: Environmental Chemistry and Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical and Biological Engineering

I am interested in developing measurement and chemical characterization tools to quantitatively understand the origin and impacts of air pollution.  These tools are desgined to address the impacts of air pollution on human health, climate change and sensitive ecosystems, and to support the development of control strategies to mitigate the adverse eff..., (608) 262-4495

Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene

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Hiroki Sone

Assistant Professor

Also: Geological Engineering

Experimental rock mechanics, geomechanics of petroleum and geothermal reservoirs, fault and earthquake mechanics, long-term deformation of shales and fault rocks, in-situ stress and heterogenity, rock physics, (608) 890-0531

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Daniel Wright

Assistant Professor

Floods and other hydroclimate extremes; Flood risk estimation and management; Measurement and modeling of extreme rainfall using ground-based and satellite-based sensors; The role of rainfall variability as a driver of floods and other watershed functions; climate change impacts on extreme weather; computationally-intensive natural hazards modeling; stati..., (608) 262-1978

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Chin H. Wu


Also: Geological Engineering, Limnology and Marine Science

Air-sea interactions and surface wave dynamics, Coastal processes and sustainable coastal development, Environmental fluid mechanics and physical limnology, Environmental monitoring and photogrammetry, Groundwater and surface water interactions, Hydraulics and geomorphic/ecological processes, river/stream restoration, Lake and wetland restoratio..., (608) 263-3078

Applied Mathematics, Engineering and Physics Program


Adjunct or Faculty Affiliates

Profile Photo Thumb for John Corbin

John Corbin

Adjunct Professor

Also: College of Engineering

Traffic Engineering & Traffic Operations, Traffic Management & Intelligent Transportation Systems, Highway & Traffic Safety, Connected & Automated Vehicles, Smart Cities & Global Connectivity, (414) 801-2186

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Norman Doll

Adjunct Professor

Also: Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Research focuses on the behavior of organic toxicants in aquatic, soil and sediment systems with a particular emphasis on understanding the role played by natural organic matter in controlling their bioavailability, degradability and mobility. Major research interests include the elucidation of molecular mechanisms responsible for sequestration and ..., (414) 405-8292

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Michael Doran

Adjunct Professor

Water and Wastewater Engineering, Unit Processes, Process Modeling and Plant Engineering, Biological Wastewater and Wastewater Residuals Treatment and Stabilization, Water Quality Management and Policy Development, Wet Weather Wastewater Management, Sustainability and Sustainable Practices, Environmental Economics, (608) 334-4810

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Patrick Eagan, PhD


Also: Engineering Professional Development

Professor Eagan's research interests lie in exploring frameworks that can move public and private institutions toward "sustainable development." A primary interest is how both public and private institutions will deal with climate change effects and environmental management issues. His focus includes environmental risk management and linking business and ..., (608) 263-7429

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Kurt Frey

Adjunct Professor

Conceptual engineering design, collaborative/integrated project delivery, design solutions with constructability in mind, and structural system integration with architectural systems.,

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John L. Hetland

Adjunct Professor

Expertise is in the Construction Management of complex projects., Expertise in Design Build delivery of projects, Interest and knowledge in Lean techniques for deliverying projects, Process development, lessons learned and constraint management., (608) 410-8207

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Kathryn Huibregtse

Adjunct Professor

Wastewater treatment, landfill cover design, site and groundwater assessments, Brownfield site clean-ups, and sediment assessment and remidiation.,

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Derek J. Hungness

Adjunct Professor

Transportation Corridor Studies, Traffic Impact Assessment, Travel Demand Forecasting, Project Management., (608) 630-0667

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Fred A Klancnik

Professor of Practice

Also: College of Engineering

Instructor for the Waterfront Planning and Engineering course; guest lecturer for the Coastal Engineering course; mentor for the Senior Capstone Design Course teams of civil engineering students designing water-related projects.  Interested in advancing the collaboration of Civil and Environmental Engineering students with students from other related..., (608) 445-2999

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Jan C. Kucher, P.E.

Adjunct Professor

Municipal solid waste and source separated organics, anaerobic digestion, sustainability, renewable energy, surface and groundwater supplies, and conservation of natural resources.,

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Thomas P. Kunes

Adjunct Professor

Industrial environmental and safety risk management and process improvement; compliance assurance, quality and EHS management systems; and sustainability.,

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Sharon C. Long

Associate Professor, (608) 224-3803

Profile Photo Thumb for John Nelson

John S. Nelson

Adjunct Professor

Energy/Fuels: Production, Conversion, & Consumption, Lean Facility Delivery: Fundamentals and Practices, Sustainable System Analysis & Deployment: Economic and Physical, Organizational Value Clarity:Leadership & Marketplace Optimization, (608) 843-5976

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Mark G Oleinik

Adjunct Professor

Profile Photo Thumb for Ned Paschke

Ned W. Paschke

Program Director, Professor of Engineering Practice

Also: Engineering Professional Development

Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems, Hydraulic Analysis and Design, Pumping Facilities and Lift Stations, Energy Use in Water and Wastewater Systems, Water Reuse and Recycling, Infrastructure Asset Management, Water and Wastewater System Costs and Contracts, (608) 263-4705

Profile Photo Thumb for Charles Quagliana

Charles Quagliana

Professor of Practice

Also: College of Engineering

Interdisciplinary & cross-curricular teamsI am interested in advancing the collaboration of Civil Engineering Capstone student teams with student teams (and their mentors) from other disciplines to form a larger working project teams. These multi-discipline teams are currently formed with students from other...,

Profile Photo Thumb for Mark Rounds

Mark Rounds

Professor of Practice

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Gary F. Rylander

Adjunct Professor

Transportation Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Traffic Operations, Safety and Management, Intelligent Transportation Systems, (608) 772-4936

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James Tinjum

Associate Professor

Also: Engineering Professional Development, Geological Engineering

Subgrade/subbase improvement and design, wind energy civil and geotechnical design, geothermal heating and cooling, unsaturated soil testing and research, rail ballast testing and research, stabilization and remediation of metal-contaminated material, beneficial reuse of industrial byproduct, (608) 262-0785

Profile Photo Thumb for Jo Tucker

Jo Tucker

Adjunct Professor

Geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering: deep foundations, dams and levees, soil modification techniques, wind energy foundations, geotechnical instrumentation and load testing, environmental assessment and remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater, and geotechnical construction.,

Profile Photo Thumb for Richard Weiland

Richard Weiland

Adjunct Professor

Construction management, AEC business organization, and performance metrics.,


Emeritus Faculty

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Marc Anderson


Also: Environmental Chemistry and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering

Fuel cells, ultra-capacitors, batteries, photoelectrochemistry, photocatalysis, adsorption in aqueous systems, catalysis, gas and liquid ceramic membrane separation processes, colloid chemistry, colloidal thin-film ceramics, microporous ceramic materials, ceramic membranes, (608) 262-2674

Profile Photo Thumb for Anders Andren

Anders Andren

Professor Emeritus

Also: Environmental Chemistry and Technology, Limnology and Marine Science

Structure-activity relationships and environmental fate, air-water transfer of chemicals, industrial waste treatment technology, sediment remediation technology, behavior and fate of chemicals in the environment, fresh and marine water chemistry, (608) 262-0905

Profile Photo Thumb for David Armstrong

David E. Armstrong

Professor Emeritus

Also: Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Aquatic chemistry, biogeochemistry, chemical limnology, Cycling of nutrient elements in lakes and watersheds, Trace metal chemistry, speciation, and bioavailability, Behavior and fate of organic chemicals in the environment, (608) 262-0768

Profile Photo Thumb for William Berg

William D. Berg

Professor Emeritus

Traffic safety, traffic engineering, transportation systems analysis, highway engineering, cost-effective safety improvements, H6082734664B6082730640

Profile Photo Thumb for William Boyle

William C. Boyle

Professor Emeritus, (608) 262-1777

Profile Photo Thumb for Tuncer Edil

Tuncer B. Edil


Also: Geological Engineering

Behavior of soils and wastes, behavior of peats and organic soils, geotechnics of soft ground and wastes, geotechnics of industrial by-products, filtration and interface friction of geosynthetics, friction piles and anchors, soil-structure interface friction, coastal erosion and slope stability, (608) 262-3225

Recycled Materials Resource Center, Engineering Mechanics, Consortium for Fly Ash Use in Geotechnical Applications

Profile Photo Thumb for Erhard Joeres

Erhard F. Joeres

Professor Emeritus

Environmental systems modeling, water resources management, air quality management, markets in pollution control, urban hydrology, pollution prevention, environmental policy, industrial ecology, (608) 770-1458

Profile Photo Thumb for John Johnson

John E. Johnson

Professor Emeritus

Structural engineering specializing in steel structures roofting technology,

Profile Photo Thumb for Thomas Lillesand

Thomas M. Lillesand


Environmental monitoring, remote sensing, natural resource management, high resolution satellite image processing, geographic information systems, large area land use mapping from space, transportation applications of remote sensing, national space policy,,

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

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Peter L. Monkmeyer

Professor Emeritus

Fluid mechanics, water waves, coastal engineering, flood routing, groundwater/seepage, (608) 238-7383

Profile Photo Thumb for Michael Oliva

Michael G. Oliva


Timber bridges, earthquake resistance, compressive membrane action, arching action, structural engr., reinforced-precast-prestressed concrete design, structural testing, highway bridge design, development of structural design methods, (608) 262-7241

Construction and Materials Support Center, Structural Engineering Program, Wisconsin Highway Research Program, Wisconsin Structures and Materials Testing Laboratory, Wisconsin Transportation Center

Profile Photo Thumb for Alain Peyrot

Alain Peyrot

Professor Emeritus

Structural analysis and design.  Probabilistic methods and structural dynamics.  Computerized structural design.  All aspects of high voltage transmission line design, construction and reliability.,

Profile Photo Thumb for Kenneth Potter

Kenneth W. Potter


Also: Geological Engineering, Limnology and Marine Science

Hydrological modeling and design, stormwater modeling, management and design, estimation of hydrologic risk, estimation of hydrological budgets, restoration of aquatic systems, (608) 262-0040

Profile Photo Thumb for Frank Scarpace

Frank L. Scarpace

Professor Emeritus

Image processing, remote sensing, (608) 263-3973

Profile Photo Thumb for James Scherz

James P. Scherz

Professor Emeritus

 developing basic GIS, archeoastronomy and mapping prehistoric sites, surveying, photogrammetry, (608) 262-7901

Profile Photo Thumb for William Sonzogni

William C. Sonzogni

Professor Emeritus

Also: Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Environmental toxicology, water resources management, chemical limnology, analytical chemistry of pollutants, fate and transport of toxic contaminants, (608) 224-6200

Profile Photo Thumb for Alan Vonderohe

Alan P. Vonderohe

Professor Emeritus

Spatial/temporal reference frameworks, spatial/temporal modeling, geographic information systems for transportation, digital photogrammetry, spatial data quality, cadastral systems, (608) 262-9854