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Alphabetic Staff Profiles

Sylvana García-Rodríguez - Staff

garcia1@wisc.edu, (608) 890-3700

Gail D. Geib - Staff
University Services Program Associate B

ggeib@engr.wisc.edu, (608) 262-5655

Helena Gilbertson - Staff
Outreach Specialist, Events and logistics Coordinator

hmkahle@wisc.edu, (608) 265-6276

Erin Marjorie Gill - Staff
Administrative Director, MRSEC

Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, College of Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

Imaging-based methods for disease prognosis/diagnosisTissue/tumor microenvironment and influence on invasive phenotypeWound healing
emgill@wisc.edu, (608) 263-0612

Harold R. Gilles - Staff
Instrument Technician

hgilles@wisc.edu, (608) 890-4573

Anne Glorioso - Staff
Circulation and Information Services Librarian

glorioso@engr.wisc.edu, (608) 265-9217

Jeff Grass - Staff
Research Specialist

Brad Green - Staff
Director of Development

Andrew E. Greenberg - Staff
Associate Faculty Associate

aegreenb@engr.wisc.edu, (608) 890-1534

John McClure Greenler - Staff
Director of Education, Wisconsin Energy Institute

jgreenler@wisc.edu, (608) 890-2444

Nancy Griego - Staff
University Grants and Contract Specialist

griego@engr.wisc.edu, (608) 263-2352

Lynn Gross - Staff

gross@epd.engr.wisc.edu, (608) 262-0498